Corbin in Daytona?

Corbin in Daytona?

IMG_8549That’s right, and not only during Bike Week


If the ride to Daytona on your bike’s stock seat has you dreading the ride home, there’s a solution. Corbin’s newest location on the East Coast features a showroom, warehouse and installation bay all conveniently located between Daytona Beach proper and Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona H-D dealership. It’s open seven days a week and there’s staff on hand from 8am through 5pm ready to show off the Seatmeister’s latest goodies. Choose your seat with the help of an adviser and have it installed free to boot.


Looking for a more comprehensive overhaul? Give them a heads up ahead of time and you can even get your Corbin saddlebags and similar components delivered there and installed while you wait.


Finding the Corbin shop is easy. It’s located on US Highway 1 just a half mile south of Highway 95 and Destination Daytona. Call the team toll free at 800-538-7035 or write them at


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