Post by Jack McIntyre, Information from Peter in Sweden

My name is Peter and I live in Sweden
I am 49 years old, lives in a suburb of Stockholm called Södertälje, I have always changed and rebuilt bicycles, mopeds, boats, cars and motorcycles, has been difficult to have something that everyone else has, I have to put my own style on it.
We have three Harley Davidson in the family now that I have built, the first one is a FXR Trike to my wife, she has a muscle disease, DSC_1429so she can not run a standard motorcycle.
Then I built my Sportster chopper that has been published by many magazines in the United States, England, Germany, Spain, France, Austria and Sweden.
Last year my wife’s daughter wanted to ride with us, so I built her a Sportster to this season, the only thing she wanted was purple and that there would be a crown somewhere. So that’s how the name “Purple Queen” became .
Her name is Janine Nikula and she is 22 years old. She is studying music, singing, drama and dance. She started to ride a bike late last summer and she got her driving license this summer (2012).She is quite “girly” so when I started to build this bike for her, her only wish was that it should be purple and she wanted a crown somewhere on the bike.
She has always liked to ride with us and now with her own license and bike, she has been join us on the roads and bike shows a lot. Janine appreciate her bike and thinks it is nice and smooth to drive. “It’s really a nice sidekick from the daily life”

My ideas started when I saw Moons Sportster and thought the style was awesome, I had met on internet Andrea Gallinaro from Italy who engraves. I like the 70s style engraving, flake paint and gold. So I made a mix from Sportster bobber and 70s chopper.
I started with an original Sportster that I tore down completely. I cut away the rear bracket for the stock fenders and welded new mounts for turn signals, raised the mounting point for gas tank, cut out and reinforced the frame in front to make a cleaner look. Bracket for the ignition switch was moved and welded to the battery box, bracket for the new rear fender was made. Brackets for solo saddle was welded after that the frame was powder satin black.
The wheels I tore down, hubs powder coated satin black, then I build up the wheels with twisted spokes and brass nipples. old style tires mounted.
The fork I tore down and all the brackets was cut away from the triple trees, then I sent all the parts from the fork and all engine covers to Andrea in Italy for engraving and polishing
Engine is almost untouched, what’s done is engraving on all covers, cylinders are powder coated, special bracket in polished stainless steel with integrated speedometer to the upper engine mount, all bolts have brass covers. Brass point cover from Indian Larry.
The handlebar is Biltwells frisco I welded risers for a cleaner look,
Internal throttle installed and electricity was drawn to two mini switches, one in the side of the grip for high /low light and horn and the brass mount from Kustom Tech Italy a mini switch for turn lights.
All electricity is newly drawn, mini turn signals in front and Kellermann Micro 1000 for the rear, Reg plate was moved down to the left side with a new bracket from powder coated steel and Brass.
All parts were left to Daniel on Air brush studio in Stockholm who painted mini flake paint and text,
Have tried to find as much brass parts as possible, I think it has been a good combination
The exhaust system is made by my friend Kent, Ace Performance and I have rebuilt the mufflers with brass trumpets.
Hope You are satisfied whit what I have write, more tech info is in the other World doc
My Post-address is
Peter Ström
Löparvägen 5
S-151 59 Södertälje
Stockholm / Sweden
+46 739509242