Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists (WCM) Announces Executive Board Election/Appointments

(LeRoy, NY) –– The Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists (WCM) announces its new leadership.  WCM members have elected 2 new board members and re-elected 3 incumbent board members to serve three-year terms.  WCM was founded in 2014 by leadership representatives from several prominent motorcycling organizations interested in growing female ridership and raising the recognition of female-led riding clubs and groups.  WCM’s mission is to increase the participation of women across all disciplines of the sport while honoring our diversity.   

New Board members include:   

  • Lisa Malachowsky (AZ): Lisa has been elected as WCM Board Chair.  Lisa previously served on the board as WCM Industry Liaison (2017-2019) and has most recently served as a member of the WCM Coalition At-Large Board (CAB).  Lisa is a member of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), the BMW Riders Association (BMW RA), the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA), and Women on Wheels. She has decades of experience in the motorcycling industry as a journalist, retail dealership manager, tour guide, Total Control Instructor, and event organizer.  
  • Val Weston (NV): Val Val Weston (NV): Val hashas been elected as WCM Recording Secretary.  Val has served on the WCM CAB and is a member of High Beemers of Northern Nevada, BMW MOA, BMW RA, and the United Sidecar Association.  Val brings her extensive experience to WCM from a variety of industries and is a very active moto and travel blogger.

Re-elected Board members include:  

  • Sandra Fleming (NY): Sandra is the WCM Vice-Chair.  Sandra is a member of the AMA, ABATE, Sirens MC of NYC, New York City Motorcycle & Scooter Task Force, and is an active participant in the New York City Motorcycle Advisory Council.   
  • Maggie McNally (NY): Maggie is the WCM Corresponding Secretary.  Maggie is a member of the AMA, Women on Wheels, Women in the Wind, Motor Maids, United Sidecar Association, and Roamers MC.  Maggie is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) RiderCoach, and the first female to hold the position of American Motorcyclist Association board chair.  
  • Bobbie Carlson (CA): Bobbie is the WCM Industry Liaison.  Bobbie is a Total Control Instructor and the Pennsylvania statewide administrator for Total Control Training. She previously worked with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation where she was part of the team field testing a new curriculum and rolling it out to 47 states in two years.  She then went to work with the U.S. Military Services, which included setting up a Traffic and Motorcycle Safety Program in Europe.  She was part of the promotion of intermediate and advanced training on a rider’s own motorcycle which was implemented in 2008 and resulted in significant reductions in motorcycle fatalities reductions.

 Appointed Board member:  

  • Lizz Egan (FL): Lizz is the WCM Social Media Manager. Lizz brings her professional background as a public relations coordinator to this important role for the WCM. Lizz is also an MSF RiderCoach with 16 years of experience. 

The board position of WCM Treasurer is currently held by Lauren Secular (NY).  Lauren is a member of the AMA and the New York City Motorcycle & Scooter Task Force.  Lauren brings decades of experience as a motorcycling advocate and is a regional representative of the AMA’s Congress. Recently, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement in Motorcycling Excellence award given out by Backroads Magazine.

As the new Chair, Malachowsky shared, “During my term, our Board will achieve more of the vision of the original WCM founders: to create a large and diverse community of mentors and others that all help to expand the community of female riders.”

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