Brew Dude kicks it at the Ohio Mile 
Brew Dude kicks it at the Ohio Mile
Ohio Mile / June 2014
Fowlers Distribution continues our sponsorship of Steve Garn and Brew Racing. We are glad to bring you the latest report directly from Steve as it pertains to the Ohio Mile earlier this month of June 2014.
June was an exciting month for Brew Racing. The May race event at the Ohio Mile the RD350 achieved a class record for this land speed racing event.
After the May event we went to work on trying to achieve more speed with the RD350. With a new bike and engine it will take a while to get the perfect combination which is why running land speed events can be both satisfying and sometimes can be frustrating.
For the June event we lowered the final drive from the existing 17front/38 rear sprocket combination down to a 16/38. We went over the bike making sure everything was still torqued correctly. The big change was the expansion chambers. 2 stroke exhaust needs to be exact balance of flow and exhaust back wave. The new chambers were designed to improve mid and top-end rpm horsepower. It is just not that easy just bolting on a new system and then everything runs perfectly, but a re-tuning also.
At the track we kept adjusting the Lectron carbs to get the proper air/fuel mixture on top-end. Lectrons make this job so easy by adjusting the screw for the power jet. No need to take carb apart and change jets like other brands.
The event on Saturday had a crosswind which in areas would just push the bike over to the right side of the course. On one run it was so hard I had to actually let off the throttle to stay on course. With running a new bike in these conditions it was very reassuring I had the best in protective equipment on. The Weise Leathers from Fowler Distribution fit perfectly and the quality is excellent. It was hot on Saturday and the venting really helped a lot for relieve from the heat. The Speed and Strength helmet also was an excellent choice for this race season. It is extremely light and the venting works great for airflow to keep the head cool.
The June event the RD350 came away with another class speed record holder. The RD350 had a gain of 7 mph over the May event which is a step in the right direction. I realize there is much more speed left and still need another gear ratio change which I was going to try that Sunday at the June event but the winds were just too strong.
The next work on the bike will be the gear change and some different portwork and head work. It is a great feeling after you do some work and you get positive results. But, it is also has some disappointment when I know the bike has much more speed in it to come out. Only makes me work harder to achieve what the bike can run!
It really helps when you have the best of equipment and parts to achieve these goals and I have the very best! Thanks Fowler Distribution for the Weise leathers and gloves. Bikers Choice and Tucker Rocky for parts and the Speed and Strength helmet. Thanks Lectron Carbs, Avon Tyres, Spectro Oil, Pro Riders Marketing, Wiseco Pistons, A All Animal Control, LC Fabrication, Loaded Gun Customs and Mt Airy Cyclery for ALL your SUPPORT!
About Brew Bikes 
BREW Bikes LLC is a machine & fabrication shop located in the mountains of northwest North Carolina.  The name BREW is the acronym for Blue Ridge Electric & Welding. In 2008 Steve “brewdude” Garn won the Easyriders Old school Builder of the year! Then, in 2010, Brewdude built Pee-wee Herman a new bicycle.
Brewdude also does freelance writing and has a monthly tech article in The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine as well as a bi-monthly Safety article in American Iron Magazine.
In 2012 Steve took 2nd place at AMD World Championships at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
BREWdude currently holds 15 Land Speed records with the ECTA. I said currently, hopefully will garner more in 2013.
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