New Builds by Lord Drake Customs

You may recall the Red Baron Racer built by Lord Drake Customs from the cover of IronWorks Magazine. Company owner Francisco Manen recently sent us pictures of several new models he’s building for a branch of his company in Malaga, Spain, evidence that Lord Drake continues to pull off fresh new takes on the venerable Sportster. Enjoy!

Lord Drake Kustoms
Miami, FL
954 650 7630

Racing Is Life Café

RacingIsLife r8 copy 2RacingIsLife r9 copyRacingIsLife r20 copyRacingIsLife r15 copy



Soulbreaker Scrambler

Soulbreaker S8 copySoulbreaker S10 copySoulbreaker S16 copySoulbreaker S21 copySoulbreaker S26 copy

Sportster 69

Sport69 610copySport69 612 copySport69 621 copySport69 620 copySport69 627 copy