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Always Fascinating: Behind the Scenes at H-D

If seeing “how it’s made” appeals to you, a tour through one of Harley-Davidson’s manufacturing facilities should be on your list.
On a recent weekend in Milwaukee for Flat Out Friday and the Continue reading Always Fascinating: Behind the Scenes at H-D

Product Release: Mustang’s Super TripperTM Line

April 28, 2017, Three Rivers, MA – Mustang has expanded their popular line of Super Tripper seats
to give more riders more room!  In addition to Super Trippers for late FL, now you can feel less cramped on both Sportster and Dyna models.  These lean seats sit the driver slightly lower and further back compared to Mustang’s top selling DayTripperTM seats.
 11Choose from two different cover patterns to reflect your personal style:  the Super TripperTM“Classic” with traditional black stitch lines or the Super TripperTM “Carbon Fiber” that features a carbon fiber look vinyl center panel with detailed gun metal thread stitching. As with all Mustang seats, the marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, proprietary comfort foam and individually sewn covers are proudly handcrafted and assembled in their New England facility (tours are available by appointment).
For more information, visit www.MustangSeats.com or call Mustang at 800-243-1392 or 413-668-1100.  Feel the Mustang difference!
Sportster models 2004-06 & 2010-17:
Super TripperTMClassic seat:  #75237   MSRP $349
Super TripperTMCarbon Fiber seat:  #75238   MSRP $369
15 16
Dyna models 2006-17:
Super TripperTMClassic seat:  #75228  MSRP $369
Super TripperTMCarbon Fiber seat:  #75229  MSRP $389
12 13
FL models 2008-17:
Super TripperTMClassic seat:  #75201   MSRP $399
Super TripperTMCarbon Fiber seat:  #75202   MSRP $419
20 21


Iacona Custom Cycles releases the Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch

The Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch is fabricated to attach on the Sportster primary cover in an easy-to-reach location, thus cleaning up the engine cradle area.


Brooklyn, NY – March 1, 2017 – Iacona Custom Cycles released their latest product, the Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch, designed for 1986-2003 Sportster applications.
The switch is used for custom Sportsters and OEM stock replacements. The Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch is fabricated to attach on the Sportster primary cover in an easy-to-reach location, thus cleaning up the engine cradle area.
The kit comes with a cnc machined- billet aluminum barrel, Diamond Engineering’s stainless steel mounting screws, set screws, nuts, connectors and a marine grade ignition/starter switch for added water and vibration-resistance.
“Our award winning custom bikes have become our R&D platform for custom parts,” explained Steven Iacona, president. “The ignition switch is the first of our next twenty parts that are scheduled to be released in the coming twelve to eighteen months.”
The switch features an off/on/start with return-to-run position. It works like an automotive ignition switch and can be very easily installed, with all necessary wiring directions and installation hardware included.
The Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch is available in 3 finishes, including brushed, polished and black anodized.

About Iacona Custom Cycles

Iacona Custom Cycles is a Brooklyn, NY based customizer specializing in building, fabricating, and servicing Harley Davidson motorcycles. Their mission is to build the most unique, innovative and high quality motorcycles and motorcycle parts available today.


Performance Machine JET Air Cleaner
























Everyone’s gotta breathe, right? And it doesn’t just go for riders and
wrenches, but for our engines too. So with a long list of planned
upgrades for my old Sportster towering over me, I decided to get
started with something simple and rewarding: swapping out the air
cleaner. Too easy, you say? Just easy enough, thank you. Once the
tools and parts started flying, I knew I’d have the momentum to keep

There is exactly one whole huge pile of different air cleaners you can
buy for CV-carbureted Harley-Davidsons, For me, performance is tops;
if the design lacks sufficient air filter surface area and doesn’t
help incoming air make the 90 degree bend into the throat of the carb,
it’s a pass. Also, the damn thing has to look good! For better or
worse, the right hand side of a Harley tends to get a lot of viewing
(mine does, tucked against the tank in the passing lane…) so it’s
worth considering.

After browsing around, I found a balanced option from Performance
Machine. Their new JET air cleaner has a tapered cone to smooth the
transition of air from the filter medium to the carb, and is a
handsome and well-made piece that can be mounted in two different

This flexibility gave me a bit of a dilemma. Visually, I liked
orienting the air cleaner with the taper to the rear of the bike, but
the shape interfered with my right knee thanks to my trusty mid
controls. Well, you know how we roll at ITN…I went for the pragmatic

The installation was breezy, thanks to a thorough blend of included
parts and thorough, color-printed instructions. I spin wrenches for a
living and know that time means money; while not all manuals and
instructions are perfect, any time they save you is time on the road!

The results speak for themselves, a nice hilight to the right side of
the bike. And now, I’ve got the inspiration to class up the rest of
the bike to the same high standard! Find more info at
performancemachine.com Stay tuned…