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Motorcycle Cannonball Chronicles Launches Tonight


The Motorcycle Cannonball has been well documented with racers riding age old machines, dressed in full regalia from a time gone by. This year, however, this living breathing monument to motorcycling past moves years into the future with a new live broadcast: The Cannonball Chronicles. Stemming from an interview series started by Open Road Radio’s Gina Woods, this new weekly program will primarily feature the trials, tribulations and stories of the race teams as they prepare for the upcoming Motorcycle Cannonball Race. Join host, Jason Sims, promoter of MCR, along with his co-host Rob Nussbaum, of Retrocycle as they deliver Cannonball news, talk about its history, and introduce us to the competitors. Going under the same name Gina Woods had for her interview series was just too good of a fit and you can expect that Open Road Radio will be working in concert as this show develops. Continue reading Motorcycle Cannonball Chronicles Launches Tonight


Story and Photos by ITN European Reporter Herve’ Rebollo

Salut à toi American rider,

Confinement in France is over. YES!!! … Finally almost done … More or less ended … But it’s still quite complicated  … In fact since the morning of Monday the 11th May we can get out from home but … we are not authorized to go more than 100km from home (means 62 miles). And none restaurant, theater, stadium or concert places is opened …

Ok, I can deal with it. Two months without riding never happened to me before … I’m almost getting mad with it … Let’s go. Ride it man!!

Studying the map, I’ve decided to go to the little city of MONTEREAU FAULT YONNE, an historical place in the French history. Here, in 1814, the BOSS, Napoleon (not Springsteen), won his last battle … before having some “trouble” with the all rest of Europe …

So, riding along tiny roads, it’s exactly 100km from home at the crow flies …it means I would have a round trip of about 230km this sunny Sunday 17th of May. The idea was having a cool lil ride, learning about history of my Nation and bringing home a maximum of cool pix.

The weather was simply perfect. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday. Keep bucolic my friend!

On my way, I made a stop at the SAFRAN’s aerial museum. It was closed, not a problem, got my fist cool pic of the day!

And did you know that no more that 50km from Paris center we have petroleum, with oil exploitation sites ? If I’m not wrong we have about 65 oil wells around Paris.

And some big oil refineries …

Nice villages after amazing sites …

It took me finally 3 hours to reach my destination …

And I already had some cool pix in my camera … But the best was yet to come.


Or simply Montereau, which is a commune in the SEINE ET MARNE department in the Île de France region which in turn is in north-central France.

The city takes its name from its geographical position on the confluence of the YONNE and the SEINE rivers. Fault, also spelled faut comes from the verb faillir (“to fail”) in its old meaning to fall. Montereau is where the Yonne falls into the Seine. Historically, the city has sported a strong industrial base and thus has strong blue collar roots. In recent decades, unemployment has become an increasing problem, especially within the immigrant community.

And finally, He was still there, waiting for me … the absolute idol of the French people …

The Battle of Montereau (18 February 1814) was fought during the War of the Sixth Coalition between an Imperial French army army led by Emperor Napoleon himself and a corps of Austrians and Württembergers commanded by Crown Prince Frederick William of Württemberg. While Napoleon’s army mauled an Allied army under Von Blücher, the main Allied army commanded by Prince of Schawarzenberg advanced to a position dangerously close to Paris. Gathering up his outnumbered forces, Napoleon rushed his soldiers south to deal with Schwarzenberg. Hearing of the approach of the French emperor, the Allied commander ordered a withdrawal, but 17 February saw his rear guards overrun or brushed aside.

Ordered to hold Montereau until nightfall on the 18th, the Crown Prince of Württemberg posted a strong force on the north bank of the Seine River. All morning and past noon, the Allies stoutly held off a series of French attacks. However, under increasing French pressure, the Crown Prince’s lines buckled in the afternoon and his troops ran for the single bridge to their rear. Brilliantly the French cavalry got among the fugitives, captured the spans over both the Seine and Yonne rivers and seized Montereau. The Allied force suffered heavy losses and the defeat confirmed Schwarzenberg’s decision to continue the retreat to the city of Troyes.


See there a reenactment for the century of the battle:

It was the last Napoleon’s victory …

And time for me to come back home crossing the French campaign. Short but great ride in this half deconfined country with such a strange ambiance … no one on the roads, except some lost bikers like me …

Hope you can freely ride now in your State, in the USA my American friend. Take care and be safe in your daily life. See ya soon on the road, who knows?

Hervé, your French rider friend

Q&A with Sergio Necksbreaker, pinstriper and kustom painter from Spain

Sergio Necksbreaker
Barcelona, Spain
Sergio Necksbreaker - Pinstriper and Kustom Painter
How long have you been pinstriping and doing kustom paint work?
I started pinstriping in 2007. I didn’t do anything more than pinstriping until two or three years later.
What is the kustom kulture scene like in Spain?
Well, in Spain, compared to other European countries, the kustom kulture scene is not very popular. But we do have awesome kustom artists, motorcycles builders, car clubs, and shows.

Helmet pinstriping
Helmet pinstriping and lettering
Who are your influences now and who were they when you were growing up?
I’m absolutely a fan of Darren McKeag. I also follow and get inspired by the works of greats like Ken Takabayashi, Von Dago, and my friend Ismael Navarro, among many others.
What are the tools of your trade?
In my trade, I have about 20 cans of Alphanamel enamel and additives, and my brushes case with some different brushes for every type of work. I have the new Escoda Necksbreaker brushes for sure. Hehehe!! But I have and still use brushes like Von Dago’s Pinstriping brush, Steve Kafka’s brush for scrolling, Escoda lettering brushes Serie El Deletrista, and Tidwell’s brushes.
Necksbreaker pinstriping brushes
What project are you most proud of?
Now, I’m very proud to be teaching. It’s very nice to be able to teach other artists some things that make it easier for them to learn pinstriping. Something I would have liked when I started.
What’s the best part of your artwork day?
I think that the best part is when I deliver the artwork to the customer.
kustom painted refrigerator door
When you started doing pinstriping and lettering, what was the most difficult thing to master and how did you overcome it?
About 13 years ago, for me, every learning step wasn’t easy. Now with social networking sites, YouTube tutorials, courses or the increase of the kustom scene, is very different. When I started, I think that the most difficult thing to learn was how make a closed curve line with a clean stroke … and repeat it symmetrically on the other side!!! Haha. It was much easier when I discovered that I could turn the brush with my fingers.
Pinstriping and lettering on motorcycle tank
Where do you see yourself and your art in 5 years?
It’s not easy to know it. I hope to continue traveling with my brushes to other countries, painting in shows or putting on workshops. I hope to go to the USA and paint something there.
Sergio wearing his Rat Fink pinstriped helmet
Any final words for the Gnarly Magazine readers?
Give what you can to make this world not boring.
To see more of Sergio’s work, be sure to check him out on Instagram: Instagram.com/necksbreaker_pinstriping
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