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Post & Images by Jack McIntyre

2am Philadelphia. We have business in Dallas Texas all week, so we are on the BLOODSHOT eyes flight. We land in Dallas, way too early to check in so we do a little sightseeing. Now we are hitting 2pm and the Mothers day brunches are coming to an end, and the bikers begin to gather.

This is where is gets fun, they are all heading to Rick Fairless’ Strikers Dallas.

Now keep in mInd, it’s Sunday afternoon, Mothers day… you’d think it would be almost empty. So we pull up in our geeky rent a car only to find no parking, apparently Mothers day wasn’t a good enough reason to avoid Strokers.

From the amazingly detailed show room with all of it’s characters, custom motorcycles, and images to the exterior wall murals everywhere & statuettes, your brain just can’t take it all in.

Along with the outside entertainment, Rick has the Strokers Ice House serving amazing fun food, all types, all beers, all great.


Bottom line, don’t just think about going to Strokers Dallas, make it a goal. Sunday (today) was excellent fun, my next visit will be on a rockin’s Saturday and for that visit I will have a motorcycle under me.

Rick Fairless’s Strider Rider Custom

Rick Fairless’s far out, tie-dyed sensibilities belie his early adopter attitude. See, there’s nothing retro about Rick’s awareness of cool opportunities. That’s why the Flying Piston Builders Breakfast organizers (Jeff Najar and Marilyn Stemp) were delighted but not surprised that Rick stepped up before anyone else to customize a Strider balance bike to be unveiled at the 4th annual Sturgis Buffalo Chip breakfast event.BC3_8939BC3_8944 BC3_8953 BC3_9005 Continue reading Rick Fairless’s Strider Rider Custom



To me, Sturgis is a special place, and not just to me, hundreds of thousands of bikers. from the always stunning sights as seen above, to the

incredible entertainment as viewed below at the Buffal Chip. As a photographer and web dude for Iron Trader News, I try to connect myself with

the best the industry has to offer. Rod “Woody” Woodruff,  Commander & Chief of the Chip, has the most incredible destination for you to visit &

even better, plant roots at. Tents, cabins, campers, your bus, everything fits. With entertainment from morning till night, what more could you want?


As a member of Iron Trader News, its my privilege to be under the wing of Marilyn Stemp, the best editor I have ever worked with. That being said,

she gives me assignments that are my pleasure to tackle. I get to mingle with industry builders and private enthusiasts that I would otherwise not

have the opportunity to do so. As seen below, I was asked to present the Iron Trader News award for our EDITORS CHOICE, and that went to

Chad Pearson with his 1957 FLH. It was a bike that took me to another era, clean, great lines, this guy has it dialed in perfectly. Presenting Chad

our award at such a high profile, well run show, proved to be a terrific day for me personally.


(Below, Woody discussing business with Custom Motorcycle Builder Johnny Mac from Johnny Mac’s Chopper House in Philadelphia)


Moving around the area a bit, Maverick Publishing had a bagger show at the new Full Throttle Saloon. Stunning bikes, amazing thought process

put into each and every one of them.


Each year the Chip has the Michael Lichter Exhibit, a different theme each year. This year he presented Skin & Bones, Tattoo inspired Motorcycles

and Art. More images to come. Below see Michael with a group of the industries well know. He looks quite happy if you ask me. Just sayin’

I save the best for last, this is me, mobile photographer, future Hamster (hopefully) and more. Standing with Rick Fairless, a great dude from

Strokers Dallas, and out on the Aidan’s Ride Sturgis, I’m blessed to play a role in this industry that we all love so much. Please stay tuned,

I have some great galleries of images to add soon.