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Gilby’s 2019 Flying Piston Strider Custom

Todd Gilby Gilbertson of Gilby’s Street Department
Story by Diane “Shadow’s Wife” Jones

Initially, Donnie Smith was on task to create a custom Strider Custom for the Flying Piston Benefit. However, as the time drew near, circumstances conspired to keep it from happening. But as happens in our motorcycle community, Donnie’s friend Todd “Gilby” Gilbertson, graciously stepped up and took on the project in the last few weeks before the deadline. Continue reading Gilby’s 2019 Flying Piston Strider Custom


Brian Klock
Story by Savannah Rose

Brian Klock and the Klock Werks crew built an incredible custom Strider with a definite Klock “flair,” – to riff off one of the company’s signature components, the Klock Werks Flair windshield. Inspiration for the build came from Ricky Carmichael’s Suzuki M109r
that the KW crew had modified, and yes: that’s Ricky’s autograph on the tank! Continue reading BRIAN KLOCK’S 2019 FLYING PISTON STRIDER CUSTOM

Bryan Fuller’s Strider Rider Custom

This tiny Strider bike, customized by Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto in Atlanta, is unique among its peers, which include 7 Striders customized for the Flying Piston Buiilders Breakfast during the 2018 Sturgis Rally.* First, the tiny bike’s wheel configuration is distinctive: large in back, and small in front – and that’s not by happenstance. See, Bryan’s Strider was inspired by the aggressive stance and killer rake of vintage hot rods and dragsters. Continue reading Bryan Fuller’s Strider Rider Custom

Kirk Taylor’s Strider Custom

Custom builders, especially builders with decades of experience and focused knowledge of powersports culture, draw upon a myriad of touchstones when they take on a project. In the case of Kirk Taylor and the tiny custom Strider here, inspiration came from the “First Lady of Drag Racing” Shirley Muldowney. Continue reading Kirk Taylor’s Strider Custom