POST RIDE UPDATE: Harley-Davidson Heated One-Touch Programmable Gear

IMG_0440Well it’s April 3rd, 2016 in Sunny Philadelphia. I woke up early today to take a long ride on my pride & joy 2004 Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide. I’ve been riding for decades in cold temperatures, dealt with it the best I could year after year. Hopefully soon we are in the 70’s but for now, we are looking at 36 degrees with winds making it feel more like 20 degrees. So, why am I telling you all about this? On March 6th, Iron Trader News posted a new product posting regarding the Harley-Davidson Heated One-Touch Programmable Gear. Knowing this may be a product that us “North-easterner’s” could use, we requested a full suit from Jen Hoyer at H-D, IT ARRIVED, and my mission today was to put it to the in gear

So, it’s 7am on this sunny, blustery, cold Sunday morning. I decided to try the suit in this manner. I didn’t want to add any extra outer shells of clothing, no extra socks, and no gloves over the glove liners. I literally wore a bathing suit & t-shirt, then added the sock liners, pants, jacket, and glove liners. By doing this, I was exposing the garments to the temperatures and winds. Attaching the motorcycle battery connection harness was a breeze, anyone can do it. The suit, piece by piece, simply plugs into itself. The wireless temperature control wrist device determines how warm, or hot you want the suit. Very easy to use…

Off I go. I left Philadelphia at 7:30am for a 2.5 hour ride. From my chin up, I was frozen. I did that for a reason, it better helped me judge the warmth from my neck down. I put the temp on the highest setting, expecting to feel an almost “hot” uncomfortable feeling, yet I didn’t. The suit is so evenly created, the warmth is spread evenly over every square inch making you feel perfect, as if you are riding in very pleasant weather. As I mentioned, I’m only wearing the sock and glove liners (with sneakers). An hour into the ride, doing great. 2 hours in, absolutely the same. By the time I returned home, I was in perfect shape, meaning, nothing hurt, no aching, fingers & toes were as if I were riding in summer conditions. Could I ask for anything more than that? The answer is no. The suit was perfect and I plan on using it continuously during my thousands of riding miles each year. Now, back out on the bike only this time, I’m adding my full face H-D helmet to really make the experience as comfortable as possible, as I’m sure it will be.

Great job Harley-Davidson, I can’t rate this product high enough on my list. If you want to review the original post, CLICK HERE.