Paul Yaffe’s Strider Custom

Paul w bike at BreakfastWhen Paul Yaffe texted me a picture of Low Brow’s peanut gas tank and asked if I could procure one for his Strider custom, it threw me off at first. I politely confirmed that he was aware of the fact that Strider balance bikes didn’t have engines (yes, he’d noticed) – then reached out to Tyler at Low Brow.

Well, you can see where Paul was going with the concept: a Captain America-style chopper Strider had to have a gas tank, right? Yaffe14If only for the classy red, white & blue paint scheme. And as you’ll see from the pictures, Paul was flat out stoked about the project, no holds barred.BC3_8894

He started out by cutting the stock bike into pieces, then stretched the frame with an extra length of channel. He sourced a spoked front wheel, then fabricated the front end, fender and sissybar. Research showed that Strider once offered spoked wheels, one of which would match the front, and Strider kindly provided it. After chroming and assembly, the Low Brow tank went out for paint and Paul reached out to LePera for the miniature king and queen seat, complete with studs, of course.

Tiny Strider custom bikes are an initiative of the Flying Piston Benefit. Unveiled at the Flying Piston Breakfast at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip in August 2018, they are now touring to motorcycle events before being auctioned to benefit Motorcycle Missions and Technical Education Scholarships. Learn more: 

Yep, it’s a chopper, baby! And definitely one of a kind! Below see more images:Yaffe 1Yaffe13 Yaffe12 Yaffe10 copy Yaffe9 copy Yaffe8 Yaffe7 Yaffe6 Yaffe5 Yaffe4 Yaffe3 Yaffe2