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Post & Images by Jack McIntyre

“What happens when you thin the herd of the custom motorcycling world and gather the builders known best for creating the lightest, leanest and meanest machines on two wheels? You’ll find out when you experience the stunning collection of masterpieces curated by Michael Lichter for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s® 2019 Motorcycles As Art™ Exhibition, “What’s the Skinny: Motorcycling Without the Fat.” Continue reading MOTORCYCLES AS ART, WHAT’S THE SKINNY 2019

A Glimpse at the Wild Gypsy Tour at the Buffalo Chip, 2019

Post & Images by Jack McIntyre

I had the complete pleasure at Sturgis, the Buffalo Chip, this year (2019) of hanging with the ladies of the Wild Gypsy Tour. Full of energy and great ideas, this group holds their own with the likes of any group I’ve ever been around. Strong to their beliefs, they move ahead into the future. Here is the header to their website, bounce over to it to check them out. Continue reading A Glimpse at the Wild Gypsy Tour at the Buffalo Chip, 2019


Post & Photos by Jack McIntyre

Lets start off by saying how terrific the Buffalo Chip was this year. Cheers to all of their staff. Welcome Home was the theme this year and they made us feel just that.

With a week of almost stellar weather, there was really no interruption for the mega concerts, shows, or contests. Days were warm & sunny, evenings breezy and nice. Bands such as STYX, Dee Snyder, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, Snoop Dog, and more really treated the fans to what they came to the Chip for. Great riding all day, incredible music all night.

Below we have a shot from Bikini Beach. The Chips internal water hole with rope swings, slides, chairs, obviously swimming, games, a full bar, food, and a band shell. Best thing is, you can party all day and be totally safe from the outside authorities regarding driving.

Going back to the concerts, check out these images. These aren’t rinky dink performances, these are huge national, historic groups that the Chip brings in year in and year out. The crowds are huge, fun, and there are great vendors all around the venue including zip lining, beer & liquor, lots of food choices, and more more more.

There were many special events this year. A few caught my camera lens that were special to me. The Navy Seals brought along a few of their bomb sniffing dogs, and even did a little zip lining with them. A soldier that had lost his right leg along with a few fingers was presented with a custom trike on stage, and the Legends Ride once again presented a huge check to the Black Hills Special Olympics.

There is so much more to touch on but please look through the images below & enjoy.











We arrived at the Chip Thursday morning, and the first thing said to me was, “Welcome Home”. I know it sounds like a cliche, but it made me feel good after driving for two straight days. It’s Friday afternoon now,  my friend from Paris is on his way here, Herve’ Rebollo, who I’ve never met other than posting his articles on Iron Trader News, but he is a pure biker and can’t wait to meet him. Marilyn Stemp, the force behind Iron Trader News, it running around working hard and she will pop over to meet Herve’ when he arrives, then tomorrow it’s off to many full days of constant media work. Stay tuned, the coverage will be awesome.