2016 Chicago Winners at the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

56 custom bike builders wheeled into Chicago to compete for the combined Chicago / US Championship J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show rounds. Builders from New York, Miami and NorCal all made their way to the bone chilling cold to showcase the best their creativity had to offer.
Some of the greatest up-and-comers and established artists of the 2 wheel persuasion where in attendance including Evan Favaro, George Stinsman, Steve Iacona, Cory Ness, Dave Dupor, Jon Shipley, Will Ramsey, Kyle Shorey and Art Steele to name a few.
J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show FreeStyle Class – The winner of the Chicago round in FreeStyle was Jon Shipley. He advanced to the US Championship to compete for the King of the Builders on the following day. His bike wore an old-school green and yellow flaked paint that complemented the copper accents throughout the build. The engine featured a Panhead and a split rocker shovelhead atop a 93”sportster bottom end. In addition, Jon made the oil tank, grips, foot controls and handlebars. He accepted the $2,000 check for the win. Jon also received a custom anvil “Made In USA” ring from Speakeasy Original.
1st – 775 – John Shipley, Hoosier Daddy Choppers – 2016 Custom named Green Bling
2nd – 600 – Gary Capone, Le Mani Moto – 2015 Le Mani Moto named Series One Racer
3rd – 1375 – Mike McFadden Moonshine Sidecar
4th – 475 – Kevin Persons, Hot Rods And Handle Bars – 2012 Harley FLHTP named Black Betty

The SHO DOG award was won by Mark Gates for his work engaging the crowd and showcasing his 2008 Softail Deluxe. He’ll receive The Leatherworks Solo Bag for his effort.
Jeff Holt handed out the Street Chopper award to Jeremy Cupp and the HOT BIKE award to Gary Capone of Le Mani Moto. Bell Helmet supplied a Custom 500 helmet to the People’s Choice winner, Ilya Levkov and his 206 Road Glide.
J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder MOD Harley-Davidson Class – Baggers ruled the Chicago builders with over 20 custom touring models on display. And the bagger that ruled them all was the custom from builder Dave Dupor of DD Custom Cycle and his 2011 Road King. And what blew your skull back were the bags that open up like car doors. They swung out and around the exhaust tips that enter and exit the bags on the sides.
Dave Dupor rolled out the bike he competed in the HOT BIKE tour and took home a check for $1,000. On Saturday night he rolled his bike into the Championship corral to compete in the US Championship on Sunday.
1st – 1325 – Dave Dupor, DD Custom Cycle – 2011 Road King
2nd – 700 – Joe Chval – DA Performance – 2009 FLHX named Monsterglide
3rd – 275 – Antonio Palermo, F Bomb Baggers – 2009 Bagger named Scooter Shooters
4th -875 – Kieran Thompson – FKKMOtoUSA – 2003 H-D Sportster 1200C named XL1250

J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder MOD Custom Class – The thing about this fat tire, stretched swing arm Hayabusa is it’s 12 years old and it’s Juan Rodriguez’s daily rider that still looks brand spanking new. The paint is deep and pops even in the dull convention lights. Paint was supplied by JP Custom. It has a super clean look that you expect from a fire breathing Suzuki. Juan took home a check for $750 and entered the US Championship.
1st – 800 – Juan Rodriguez – 2004 Suzuki Haybusa named Menace
2nd – 175 – Fonarelli Motorsports – 2013 Cleveland Heist – Paint Midwest Customs
3rd – 1150 – Tony Odom – Fancy Cycle, 07 ZX14 named Spiderman Bike
4th – 1125 – Tony Odom, Fancy Cycle – 09 ZX14 named Skull Bike

J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder MOD Retro Class – Steve Iacona of Iacona Customs rolled in Crusader into the Chicago edition of the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder. The 1972 Triumph Bonneville, named Crusader, was positioned as the first bike you see as you enter into the Progressive International Motorcycle Show and that turned out to be a mistake because it created a traffic jam during the entire show. Iacona created a Café Racer with a hand hammered fairing and tail section. The engine was scotch brite to make the cases gleam. Iacona took home a check for $750 and entered the US Championship.
1st – 1425 – Steve Iacona, Iacona Customs – 1972 Bonneville named Crusader
2nd – 1400 – Bill Shalk, Tried and True Garage, 1967 Custom Bobber named Making Chips
3rd – 1050 – Paul Anderson, 1946 WLA 45 named Once in Awhile
4th – 1075 – Paul Anderson, 1940 WLA 45 named Evil Twin