What it’s like to be an Ultimate Biker Makeover Winner!

We catch up with our 2016 Ultimate Biker Makeover Winner Leah Misch to find out how she is enjoying all her new gear.  
She has been fortunate to receive some help from some of our sponsors with install of her new parts and even helping 
to take some photo’s.  We love nothing more than being able to help riders stay safe on the road with new gear for 
them AND their Motorcycle!  

GG- How did you hear about the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover?
  LM-I saw an add for the contest as I flipped through American Iron Magazine dreaming about buying a new pair 
of riding boots after literally wearing a hole through my 6 year old riding boots.
GG- What promoted you to enter?
  LM-I tore out the page from the magazine add and thought about entering the contest for almost a month before 
finally deciding to sit down and write the essay.  I’ve always struggled with writing and hesitated entering the 
contest since I thought I wouldn’t likely win.  But as I trained for my first Half Ironman I thought back to the 
days when I contemplated if I could run a 5k.  The beginning steps in anything is to ‘try’.  Even if I didn’t win 
the contest, it would get me to take the first steps in writing a book many people have told me I need to do.
GG- Now that you have won, what do you think of the prizes?
NEW SPORTY EDGE!!!  Ill totally put everything to good use in finishing my 50 state goal
GG- If you could encourage others who are down on their luck for any obstacle in life, how would you encourage them? 
What would you say?
  LM- “Take the first step in faith, you may not see the whole staircase; but just take the first step”- “Life begins 
outside of your comfort zone”.
Life’s like a bike; to keep balanced you must keep going’- Einstein         
  These quotes were some of my most life changing quotes as I took many first steps in life when I wanted to give up.... 
instead I keep going as I continue to live towards my bucket list goals I set for myself after leaving an abusive 
relationship I was lucky to survive. Ex… Running my fist 5k after overcoming morbid obesity. Taking my first steps 
after breaking my back to later finishing marathons.  Flying into hurricanes to help victims of disaster during 
crisis situations. Learning to first ride a motorcycle and years later traveling across the country on a motorcycle, solo.

GG- Any advice for others thinking about entering the Ultimate Biker Makeover contest in 2017?
  LM-You Go Girl is a motto I share with others to overcome adversity, break through barriers, and achieve the goals 
you set for yourself. 
 Remember, the only limits are those you set for yourself.  Take the first step and just try; you may not see what’s 
at the top of the staircase, but just take the first step to try something new because life begins outside of your 
comfort zone
GG- Any special words you want to send to all the sponsors who help make this happen?
  LM-Thank you for sponsoring a contest which encouraged me to not only keep riding safely; but to learn how to work 
on my bike myself. I added a set of tools to my Christmas List and hope to continue exploring motorcycle maintenance 
and the DIY work on Scout!  Thanks Garage Girls and all the awesome sponsors! 
Special thanks to Sara Liberte for starting a contest that literally changed my life.  I’m excited to ride fashionable 
and safe as I continue my 50 state goal
P.S. my 50 state goal first started when I put on my list “to see the Statue of Liberty”.  I got in my car and drove 
by myself from Minnesota to New York to see the Statue of Liberty.  The statue represents a woman escaping the chains 
of tyranny, which lie at her feet as she holds the flaming torch of liberty in her right hand)- You Go Girl!  
Thank you Sarah ‘Liberte!!!’
After doing a solo trip in my car to the east coast to see the Statue of Liberty; I gained the confidence and 
love for traveling.  That is when I added to the bucket list ‘watch the sun rise or set in all 50 states by age 30’…  
Alaska is my last state, which I’m now hoping to finish my 50 state goal and take Scout with me safely in style  
You Go Girl!!