Wearable Art

Any of you can own it just by being generous.

We just got these pictures – and a few words – from Howard Knight, leather artist extraordinaire and proprietor of Rocking K Custom Leather. All of Howard‘s work is one-off – every piece a unique work of art. This is the belt he hand-made for the 2020 Flying Piston Breakfast Auction and while it is indeed exceptional, it’s no exception in his stellar catalog of work. Here’s what he told us about it:

“I wanted to send you the belt and buckle that Keith and I made for the Flying Pistons benefit auction.
The combination of the buckle by Keith and belt by myself is pretty f’ing cool, if I do say so myself.

“The cut-out background is stingray, the skulls are painted with acrylic paint on top of the finest American tanned and sourced cowhide. I added a little detailing on the back of the belt and left room so if anyone wants a personalized message I can accommodate such a request.”

Of course, he makes it sound easy but, like anything that takes years of practice and untold patience, crafting leather in this fashion certainly isn’t.

And, by the way, the “Keith” Howard refers to is Keith Ball, founder and editor of and a metal-working master. The show-stopping buckle accompanying Howard’s work was crafted by Keith. The stunning skull-and-wheel buckle makes a definite statement and is a thing of beauty in itself.

We are delighted and honored to offer this belt and buckle for bidding at the Flying Piston auction. The event happens at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip CrossRoads on Sunday, August 9th starting at 9:00 a.m. And yes, on a piece like this, there’s a reserve!

But remember, we’re raising funds for AllKidsBike and MotorcycleMissions Keeping that in mind should make it easier to bid generously – then wear your prize proudly.