Oh to do this again soon…

Yep, this is the look I get when I ask our little girl Stella, what she wants to do today. I’m pretty sure she is thinking, “seriously? We do the same thing every day”.

Herve’ Rebollo, Nyla Griffith, Jack & Wendy McIntyre, Marilyn Stemp, & Rod Woodruff in Verona, Italy January 2020. Lucky to get out without the virus I suppose.

Well it’s day whatever, and we are all hoping for the world to get back to normal. It may take a bit, but we will get there. As you can see, we’ve been drinking a bit much, but I’m sure we aren’t much different than everyone else. Me (Jack McIntyre), well I’m in Philadelphia while Marilyn Stemp, she’s currently out at her home in the Buffalo Chip grounds. Philly is pretty much shut down, the view below is Market Street, there are usually so many cars & people out walking, you can’t even see the street color. I have my bike & RV all ready to roll, and I work in my home office every day at all kinds of crazy times, but it helps to pass the endless days. Marilyn sent me these pics yesterday from the Chip & Wall, approaching the Chip. Both are shut down tight. HOWEVER, soon this virus will pass and this place will be filled with visitors just roaring to let loose. Our European Reporter Herve’ Rebollo has said just about the same thing for Paris, where he lives. Herve’ sends me funny texts every few days, he’s in the same boat that we are over here, making it day to day. EXCEPT, he is in Paris and takes the most beautiful rides on his FXR all over France and the neighboring countries. He sent me this quiz last night, guessing he failed. I thuink this represents how his mind was slipping one day, lol:

And yes… being French, he has the necessities as well.So, I’ll let you all get back to whatever it is you were doing, if anything, but soon, we will gather at the Buffalo Chip for one hell of a party.