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Lowbrow Customs Founder Recaptures Land Speed Record

Tyler Malinky, founder and CEO of Lowbrow Customs, has successfully reclaimed a land speed record on his 1955 Triumph motorcycle. Starting his land speed racing career in 2010, he has set record speeds in five different classes, including the A-VG 750 record back in 2011. “It feels great to set a goal and then accomplish it, especially when that goal is difficult to achieve, such as a land speed record,” said Malinky.


The new record is 124.593 mph on his 1955 Triumph, which was originally only 33 horsepower at the crankshaft. Malinky’s custom-built race bike ‘Poison Ivy’ touts almost double the power and torque of the original. “Going fast is fun no matter what, but taking something slow and making it go faster than it should is what I enjoy,” said Malinky, “especially when I built it in my home garage out of swap meet junk, tubing and sheet metal.” The prior record, just over 1 mph slower, was set at Bonneville Speed Week in 2016 by the Cheetah race team out of Switzerland on a 1950’s Triumph motorcycle with a speed of 123.534 mph. They had increased the record from the 117.108 mph speed set on Poison Ivy by Malinky back in 2011.

“We’ll be back on the Salt in 2018 with Poison Ivy to bump up the speeds on this new gas record and try and take the fuel record as well” said Malinky, not missing a beat, “The real competition is between myself, my bike and the salt flats. The trouble with speed is that once you get going, you always want more.”




A Call for Motorcycles for this New Exhibition
The great Vincent tuner Rollie Free taught us that in Land Speed Record runs, streamlining is of the utmost importance even if that means simply “tucking in” one’s head, torso, arms and legs. Land Speed Record competition is focused on top speed. Eclipsing Rollie’s roughly 150mph run in 1948, unlimited class big guns are now knocking on the 400mph door. But watching the 50cc machines can be almost as exciting.
To help you learn the history of Land Speed Record competition, the technology involved, what it is like to squeeze into a land speed record motorcycle and hurtle down the salt at 200, 300 or more miles per hour, the National Motorcycle Museum is in the research and planning phase for a new exhibit entitled Allstate Motorcycle STREAMLINERS presented by J&P Cycles. The exhibit is set to open June 4, 2016.

The machines pictured are among many already committed for display, but the Museum is looking for additional LSR bikes, riding gear, film footage, models, photos, fine art, stories from tuners and riders and land speed record parts like engines, wheels, frames and more to help tell this exciting story. These items would be on loan for the exhibit, returned afterward.

Bikes recently confirmed for the show include Salt Ghost from Lowbrow Customs, the Rick Vesco Yamaha twin XS650 powered streamliner, Tina, a Vincent single from the Big Sid and Matthew Biberman collection, the World’s Fastest Bagger from Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, the J&P Cycles Streamliner, the Bakker Motorsports Hyabusa sidecar rig, an un-faired pre-unit supercharged Triumph, plus interesting Howard Allen Knuckle and Panhead Harleys. A machine powered by a pre-War Plymouth  flathead six-cylinder engine, Monster, and Tramp III from the S&S Cycle Museum are also expected to be part of the exhibit. And there are more land speed record bikes coming on line.

The STREAMLINERS exhibit will be curated by John Stein, expert on straight line motorcycle competition and author of two books; WORLD’S FASTEST MOTORCYCLE and MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING; A HISTORY. 
If you have Land Speed Record bikes, items to loan or a story to tell you can be included in this one year exhibit running from June 2016 to May 2017. Please contact us at mmederski@nationalmcmuseum.org, or call 614-551-0960.
We appreciate the support of our sponsors, Allstate Motorcycle Insurance and J&P Cycles. And we wish Allstate Motorcycle HAPPY ANNIVERSARY; as of this year Allstate has been insuring motorcycles for 50 years!
Make plans to see this exhibit during the National Motorcycle Museum’s June 4 Vintage Rally 2016 event or any time through May 2017 when the 12 month temporary Allstate Motorcycle STREAMLINERS exhibit presented by J&P Cycles will be dismantled.unnamed(1)
unnamed(1) unnamed(2) unnamed(3) “The Salt Ghost” will be on loan from Lowbrow Customs, Brunswick, Ohio. This Triumph 650 has a long history on the salt, and the patina and trophies to prove it.”
unnamed(4)The Vesco family is well known for their two- and four-wheeled land speed record work. This Rick Vesco dual XS650 Yamaha powered LSR machine will be part of the STREAMLINERS exhibit.
unnamed(5)Vintage dual carb Harley-Davidson Knucklehead powered LSR bike on loan for display by Lou Fisher.
unnamed(6)Shaded from the powerful Utah sun, the J&P Cycles streamliner in the pits for some tech work.
unnamed(7)The record setting Bakker Motorsports machine. Larry Coleman piloted this Suzuki Hyabusa-based sidecar class machine to set records.
unnamed(8)Looking closely, you can spot the Roots-style supercharger above the transmission on this 500 Triumph painted by Von Dutch. On loan from Lou Fisher, the Triumph will be in the upcoming STREAMLINERS exhibition.
unnamed(9)Laura and Brian Klock of Klockwerks Kustom Cycles. Klock Werks Kustom Cycles built this machine which set records in 2006, 2007 and 2008 when piloted by Laura Klock.
unnamed(10)Howard Allen ran this Panhead-powered LSR bike back in the day.

Gray Ghost 2 land-speed-record racer update! Fischer, Riley & Witt ready to ride again!

Gray Ghost 2 Project Update:

Readers of IronWorks may recall our coverage of the grassroots land speed record bike campaigned by Jim Fisher, Warner Riley and Mike Witt. The team has gone to Bonneville Salt Flats the last several years, also testing the bike at ECTA trials at Wilmington, Ohio.

As they wrap up prep for the 2014 season, Jim walks us through the changes made to Gray Ghost 2 over the winter, in particular a complete rebuild of the engine and major overhaul of the chassis. Listen in as he starts up the bike – always a pivotal moment after the completion of major mods.

The team sends out special thanks to George Smith, Jeff Bailey of S&S Cycle. As you read this the bike is heading to Woodstock H-D for final tuning by “Dyno” Mike Witt and in less than two weeks it’s to the Ohio Mile in Wilmington, the first event of 2014.