Start ‘Em Early, Real Grass Roots Racing

Everyone has to have someplace where they started riding motorcycles. Some do it earlier than others. For those youngins’ out West who want to try their hand at road racing the ‘Why We Ride Minimoto USA Championship Series’ will kick off it’s schedule this weekend, April 5-6 2014, at the Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, California.


The partnership between Minimoto USA (Minimoto USA is a racing organization that provides a place for kids to race Minimoto, MiniGP and asphalt only Supermoto machines) and Why We Ride (the #1 motorcycle film in America) will help young American road racers develop their skills and teach them to ride safely and responsibly. The Why We Ride Minimoto USA partnership will feature 10 races, including the championship, and will conclude with the presentation of the Why We Ride Championship Trophy in each youth class at Buttonwillow Raceway in Buttonwillow, California on October 26th.


Producer/Director Bryan H. Carroll: “Why We Ride has always been more than just a movie, it’s a lifestyle. Why We Ride is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and celebrating riders and their motorcycles. By partnering with Minimoto USA we plan on helping to solidify America’s road racing future by training future champions.”


For more info about Minimoto USA  go to . To see the trailer for Why We Ride:

Source and images: Why We Ride
Posted by Sam Kanish