Report of Motorcycle Curfew Completely False

CURFEWA recent report of a supposed curfew enacted by a number of states against motorcyclists has been making the rounds lately, and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation wishes to squelch this nasty little rumor before it gets a life of its own.

It appears that this false story has gained the interest of a lot of people, as many search engines are currently bringing up “motorcycle curfew” as soon as you enter the word motorcycle—it’s what the social media experts refer to as “trending.”

It pains the MRF to dignify this ridiculous story with a response; however, we appreciate motorcyclists’ rights advocates paying attention when things like this come up and want to make sure accurate information is available. To be as clear as possible, there is no curfew being put into effect, and the story is completely false.

The reasons that make the adoption of a curfew by a supposed eleven states absurd are far too numerous to address here, and this complete work of fiction is nothing more than an a bad attempt to either create momentum for some other cause or to serve as a distraction to true freedom fighters.

Keep up the good work, it looks like we’ve got somebody worried.