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1AGuess the Band before the Feb. 7 Announcement!

1You’re almost there…The Chip’s first 2017 band announcement is now less than two weeks away! But if holding out till Feb. 7 seems like a tall order, here’s a little something to help pass the time that may even help you figure out who the band is. The Chip has started dropping some clues in its Guess the Band Contest, and if you use them to correctly guess the announcement, you could potentially meet the bands in person during the festival with a free Fan VIP upgrade! Don’t forget, you can also save some scratch by reserving before this announcement lands. SPECIAL PRICES END Feb. 6 at 5 p.m. MST!

Show me the clues!

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224 Artists Who Could Rock the Chip’s August Music Festival in 2017

Securing bands for The Best Party Anywhere® is no easy feat, and it often takes the entire year before all the variables fall into place. But before The Chip gets to work, they always start the process by listening to requests from fans like you. Planning for the 2017 Best Party Anywhere is currently underway, and lots of you have been asking about bands, and listing ones you’d ride across the country naked to see perform. The following is a list of 24 bands that fans like you have put on the Chip’s radar. Are these the bands you’d go nuts for if they were to join the 2017 lineup?

Show me the bands!

3Unwritten Rules of the Road Every Rider Must Know

If you’ve got a motorcycle endorsement, chances are you’ve got a grasp on the written rules of the road. But did you know there are plenty of unwritten rules that are just as important? Not following these rules won’t just make you look dumb; it could get you killed. So if you want to stay safe, make friends and earn some good biker karma, make sure you commit this list to memory.

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4Want to Perform or Know a Band that Should?

Do you know a band interested in performing at the Legendary Buffalo Chip? Are you in one yourself? If so, we have news to share with you! The ReverbNation Road to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Opportunity is now open! Chip talent buyers will work closely with ReverbNation’s A&R team to select ReverbNation bands to perform at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip party in 2017. Don’t pass up the opportunity to place yourself or your favorite band on a festival lineup that will include dozens of world-class headliners. Click through to find out more!

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5Because of You the Buffalo Chip Won!

It’s folks like you who inspire the Sturgis Buffalo Chip to do better and push them to dream bigger. Because of your continued support and encouragement, and through many of your ideas and suggestions, Lt. Governor Matt Michels and Secretary of Tourism Jim Hagen recently presented the Buffalo Chip with the Excellence in Tourism Innovation Award at the South Dakota Governor’s Conference on Tourism. The Chip couldn’t have achieved this distinction without you all. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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6Last Chance for Free 5-Star Legends Ride Upgrade!

The Ride that Rocks already gives you and your friends the opportunity to ride and rub elbows with actors, rock stars and famous bike builders. Now, until February 1, when you reserve a spot on this 55-mile scenic ride from historic Deadwood, SD to the Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip®, you’ll be upgraded to receive the Legends Ride’s 5 Star Package for the regular donation price! Your upgrade will give you exclusive perks including complimentary refreshments, Silverado-Franklin Hotel veranda access, preferred parking and priority placements on the ride. Act fast, because this special is moments away from selling out! Exclusive offer ends Feb. 1, 2017 at 5 p.m. MST or when spots fill up.

I want to find out more and reserve my place on The Ride that Rocks!™

7Sizzlin’ Hot and Ready to Rock Kick Off!

If you’ve always dreamt of becoming a model, the Buffalo Chip’s annual Poster Model Search is the perfect opportunity to showcase your looks and personality for a chance to score the rally’s most coveted modeling job. The Buffalo Chip will feature the winner of the Poster Model Search in countless advertisements, videos, magazine spreads, billboards and posters and award her $2,000 in cash and prizes.

I want to see the contestants or find out how I can be one!



8Will Doug Danger Defy Death Jumping a Pit of Deadly Rattlesnakes?

The roar of motorcycles in the Buffalo Chip amphitheater is about to be drowned out by the sound of your own heart beating wildly out of your chest and the rattle of some extremely deadly rattlesnakes. If all goes to plan, you’ll see celebrated stuntman Doug Danger attempt to complete one of Evel Knievel’s earliest failed jumps. But if the plan fails, this could be deadly.

I want to find out more about this insane stunt!



9More Official 2017 Buffalo Chip Merchandise has Arrived!

If you’re one for going topless, chances are you’ll be changing your tune once you see the brand-spankin’-new Sturgis Buffalo Chip apparel from Hot Leathers. Click through to check out the new styles that have rolled out so far for 2017, and while you’re at it, nab some official 2016 Buffalo Chip merchandise at prices discounted by up to 50 percent!

Show me what’s on sale!


Buffalo Chip Family and Friends Place Field of Flags

IMG_2811It’s more than a Sturgis Rally Kickoff

As far back as 1987 there have been military recognitions at the Buffalo Chip Campground in Sturgis. And though some of those events, such as the Freedom Celebration Ride, have become more organized over time, few are as organic and impactful as the Field of Flags.

The idea for Field of Flags started during the conflict in Iraq when one flag was placed for each lost service member. Now over 800 flags are installed during a community gathering at the start of Fourth of July weekend in a tribute to those who have served our country in all conflicts.

Riders to the Sturgis Rally recognize this spectacle – how can you miss it?  – and many make it a must-see stop. The imposing power and energy of Bear Butte backing the flags, plus a new battlefield memorial and contemplative area, add to the potent sense of respect and honor that pervade the space.

As humans, we respond to visual cues and robust expressions. They take us out of our routines and force a response. But such expressions have the inherent power to effect broader, lasting change – to raise awareness and alter mindsets. The kind of change that stirs from the heart, not the head.

The 60 or so people who gathered on July 1 to turn a pasture into a sacred space felt that impact and internalized it, taking it with them at evening’s end to live outside the physical display. And that, friends, is the power of a spectacle like the Buffalo Chip’s Field of Flags.

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A look at “Italian Bike Week”


It was an unmatched show May 19-22 in Lignano Sabbiadoro, known as the Italian Bike Week. You could already hear the engines rumble since the start of the week, but the full amount of bikes started coming into the Biker Fest from Thursday morning, growing in number until Saturday, when the sun was shining and temperature rising.
The Luna Park parking (Main Area, with vendors, shows and concerts) was totally full and by Sunday morning it was fulfilled with beautiful american cars. This year occurred the 21st U.S. Car Reunion edition joined by something like 200 vehicles.

During the 4 days of party took place more than 10 live music shows and a great number of stunt acts, mainly with the Daboot Team and its leader Vanni Oddera, one of the few Italian FMX Riders able to perform a backflip. Daboot Team also hosted the “Mototerapy” event, entertaining 30 disabled youngs.
 Swot Gang stuntmen was also performing their funambolic stunts with sportbikes.

Other shows involved Enduro racing, minibikes, off-road, RC cars and the 3rd Scrambler Challenge.
In the Great Travelers area three brand new books have been presented for the first time, wrote by Gionata Nencini, Marcello Anglana and Giorgio Barbacovi, telling their adventures around the world. 
Saturday at 8 p.m. Started the “Saturday Light Fever” parade, with hundreds of bikes riding through the cities of Lignano Sabbiadoro and Lignano Pineta. That was a great show!

Another great moment we had was the Italian Biker Legends awards, where all the historic and pioneer Bikers in Italy were presented to all the guests and rewarded for their legacy.

One of the main events during the Biker Fest is, as usual, the Bike Show, which took place inside the wonderful Terrazza Mare (Pier) upon the sea. Final stage of the Italian Motorcycle Championship and only italian stage for AMD World Championship, this year the Bike Show went crazy with tons of wonderful Special bikes. Biggest prizes were 1 flight to Daytona (FL-U.S.A.), 3 coupons (1000 € each) for the AMD Final Stage and a lot of other stuff from the main sponsors.

Inside the Terrazza Mare took also place the 14th Custom Painting Show, with airbrush artists working on skate decks. In the Terrazza a Mare area was also shown the RMC, a prototype motorcycle by Roberto Crepaldi (from Milan) with whom is gonna try breaking the Land Speed Record on Bonneville Salt Flats in 2017.
The third main area was the Demo Ride one, with Harley-Davidson, Honda, Ducati Scrambler, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Piaggio, Kustom Bike and BMW with its awesome R nineT specials. Everyone could try the latest models and ride through Lignano for a free test. 
But this year, more than ever, the party was all around the city, with bikes everywhere, people on the beach, hotels full of guests and a lot of fun for everybody. 
We are already working for the 31th edition! Stay with us!


Bike Show Winners:
AMD World Championship
– H-D JD 8 Valvle di PDF Motociclette (BG) 1000 euro coupon for AMD final stage
– Ducati Monster 620 di Gianni Pellegrino (VC) 1000 euro coupon for AMD final stage
– H-D FXR Avalon di MC Cycles (TV) 1000 euro coupon for AMD final stage

1) Ultima 127 di Jurgen Ostermann (Austria) wins CCE prize
2) Black Brass di Sapka Muvek (Ungheria) wins Rebuffini prize
3) 199 R.R.S. di Asso special Bike (CO) wins WD-40 and Ma-Fra prizes

1) BMW di Inlorious Basterds Cycles e Tondo Garage (FE) wins stand at Moto Days Roma 2017
2) BMW R1100 GS Ultramoto di Toro Moto (PT) wins bag and prizes WD-40
3) Honda 250 di Stray’s Garage (MO) wins WD-40 and Ma-Fra prizes

Cafè Racer
1) Ducati 800 Italia di Moto Sport Factory Lab (TV) wins Ace Café London prizes
2) Moto Guzzi SP 1000 di Lari Motori (VI) wins bag and prizes WD-40
3) Honda CB 750 di Mastercycles (TV) wins WD-40 and Ma-Fra prizes

Old Style
1) H-D Scooter  di Emporium Motorcycles Garage (BG) wins Custom Chrome Europe prize
2) H-D Knuclehead di Boccin Custom Cycles (VE) wins Higway Hawk seat
3) H-D Heritage Softail di Gallery Motorcycles (BS) wins WD-40 and Ma-Fra prizes

1) H-D di Moto Design Custom (NA) wins two rigid bags from Higway Hawk
2) H-D Road King di Biker Sheriff (TV) wins Bertoni goggles

1) Kawasaki di BikeGarage (CH) wins slip-on exhausts from Higway Hawk
2) Honda Shadow di Viky Bikers (CO) wins Bertoni goggles
3) Suzuki GS 550L di LBDG (PN) wins WD-40 and Ma-Fra prizes

Modified H-D
1) H-D Dyna di Asso Special Bike (CO) wins Custom Chrome Europe prize
2) H-D di Motorcycles Clinic (UD) wins GIVI bag
3) H-D V-Rod di ED Special (RM) wins WD-40 and Ma-Fra prizes

1) Buell di Off. Fratelli Borgo (TV) wins ACERBIS boots
2) Buell si Sapka Muvek (Ungheria) wins Bertoni goggles
3) H-D V-Rod di Biker Sheriff (TV) wins WD-40 and Ma-Fra prizes

Best in Show I.M.C. and Metzeler Contest Winner – Biker Fest International
Brike di Boss69 (BR) wins Flight to Daytona Bike Week 2017 and 2 Sets of Metzeler tires

Best New Customizer
Vintage H-D Motociclette (UD) wins a stand at Motor Bike Expo 2017

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Report of Motorcycle Curfew Completely False

CURFEWA recent report of a supposed curfew enacted by a number of states against motorcyclists has been making the rounds lately, and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation wishes to squelch this nasty little rumor before it gets a life of its own.

It appears that this false story has gained the interest of a lot of people, as many search engines are currently bringing up “motorcycle curfew” as soon as you enter the word motorcycle—it’s what the social media experts refer to as “trending.”

It pains the MRF to dignify this ridiculous story with a response; however, we appreciate motorcyclists’ rights advocates paying attention when things like this come up and want to make sure accurate information is available. To be as clear as possible, there is no curfew being put into effect, and the story is completely false.

The reasons that make the adoption of a curfew by a supposed eleven states absurd are far too numerous to address here, and this complete work of fiction is nothing more than an a bad attempt to either create momentum for some other cause or to serve as a distraction to true freedom fighters.

Keep up the good work, it looks like we’ve got somebody worried.


Motorcycle Riders and Jack Daniel’s: A Natural Affinity

Story and photos by Marilyn Stemp

SB IMG_0240The Jack Daniel’s Distillery, tucked away in the tiny town of Lynchburg, Tennessee within a dry county, is a pleasant motorcycle ride from a handful of large metro areas via open, rolling two-laners. And as much as some might say that whiskey and motorcycles don’t mix, whiskey drinkers and bikers are indeed likeminded types. And with motorcyclists always eager for a place to ride, it’s a fact that the Jack Daniel’s Homeplace and Visitors Center has become a magnet for riders.

“The relationship is just naturally there,” said Steve May, Director of Lynchburg Homeplace and a life long motorcyclist. “Riders look for a destination and the Homeplace is a great day ride from Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta or Huntsville. We’re blessed to be centrally located.”

That theme of common affinity resonates strongly at the distillery, too. Bikeriders were evident not only in the visitor’s parking lot but among the staff as well, some of whom willingly listed common traits they recognized among proponents of premium Tennessee Whiskey (don’t call it bourbon!) and motorcycle riders: independence, spiritedness, authenticity, and a bent toward personal expression, to name a few. I’m inclined to believe that Jack Daniel (the man) would agree—and be proud.

IMG_0243Orphaned as a teen, young Jasper “Jack” Daniel first learned the art of making moonshine from the preacher who took him in, and though Jack was diminutive in stature his impact in the world of spirits still looms large. Set amid lush leafy surroundings on manicured grounds, the original buildings Jack constructed for his business in 1875 persist, side by side with structures built over the years to house an ever-growing enterprise. Tour guide Jesse James (yes, that’s his real name and yes, he rides) took us through brick buildings labeled with signs that indicate their purpose (Still House, Mellowing, Bottling.) But we also learned that the practical magic of Tennessee Whiskey happens mostly in the wood and tin barrelhouses. (See sidebar.)

Speaking of Barrels, Barrelman Kevin Sanders rides a 2012 Ultra Classic and is currently having his new Indian customized at Klock Werks. Groundskeeper Mark Hatch commutes daily via motorcycle year round. As a man who spends plenty of time outdoors, Mark says he appreciates the sense of freedom riding provides. “You learn a lot when you ride every day,” said Mark. Having ridden together to Sturgis with Steve May and Director of National Sponsorships Dave Stang, these riders have discovered what many have; bonds formed on the road transcend job titles or points of view. Motorcycles are the common denominator that matters.

IMG_0198Several annual rides such as the Trail of Tears come near Lynchburg and it’s not uncommon for international motorcycle touring companies to put a stop in Lynchburg on their itineraries. The distillery is quite closely connected to the town of Lynchburg, sponsoring bike events in the town square and operating several shops there year round.IMG_0197

The visitors center runs dozens of free tours every week; a longer tasting tour is offered for $10. “It’s important,” said Steve. “We get to spend an hour with our customers to explain our product and what makes it different.” Yes, making solid relationships just comes naturally at Jack Daniel’s.

From the tour guides and rickers, to the tasters, barrelmen and master distillers: the people who work at Jack Daniel’s clearly like their jobs, reveling in the company’s history and proud of a product that is 100% American made. Getting a bottle of Jack Daniel’s with their paycheck once a month doesn’t hurt, either. Finding fellow riders at work? That’s Tennessee Honey on the cake.

Whiskey Making, the Jack Daniel’s Way

SB IMG_0207The popularity and visibility of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey has turned a small southern town into an international destination. Production at the distillery has been interrupted by state and federal laws, along with wars and prohibition through the years. But today, just as in early times, everything needed to produce Jack Daniel’s is handled on site in Lynchburg.

It starts with the charcoal, so pivotal to the process, which comes from burning stacks (or ricks) of local sugar maple, using the distillery’s own whiskey as the propellant. The charcoal is then ground fine in silos. It’s the charcoal filtering, a procedure known as the Lincoln County Process among master distillers, that distinguishes Tennessee Whiskey from bourbon. SB IMG_0214Charcoal is the best-known natural filter.

The liquid that filters through the charcoal is distilled from a recipe of 80% corn, 12% barley and 8% rye. Five gallons of sour mash, as it’s called, produce one gallon of distilled liquor. What happens to the leftover mash? It’s used as cattle feed; they say the happiest cows on the planet live in this part of Tennessee.

Once distilled, the liquor slowly drips through 10 feet of charcoal—this is called mellowing—taking several days. (Spent charcoal is recycled into smoking pellets.) The clear liquid then goes into specially built Barrels made by Jack Daniel’s. In concert with the whims of Mother Nature, the Barrels are then stacked (or ricked) in barrelhouses and left to age.

SB IMG_0216For how long? Well, as bikers know, age and maturity can be two very different things. Maturity is the goal here and the timing is dependent upon how warm the summers are; swelling the Barrels and drawing in the liquid—and how cold the winters get; contracting the Barrels’ wooden pores and forcing the liquid out. This expansion and contraction, along with the secret preparation of the Barrels themselves, produces Jack’s signature taste and warm color. Of course the Barrels, which are used only once, are recycled, too, going to several Scotch makers and to the company that produces Tabasco sauce.

If you’re wondering why the word Barrel is capitalized as though it’s a proper name, that’s because, according to Barrelman Kevin Sanders, the Barrel is absolutely pivotal to the process. Each Barrel is built from seasoned American white oak using old world construction techniques, including no nails whose metal might taint flavor. “There’s geometry and SB IMG_0233physics in a barrel,” said Kevin. “And the secret is something no one sees because it’s inside.” The ratio of Barrel surface to liquid and the timing of the process are crucial to results, Kevin explained. Science? Yes. And a bit of serendipitous magic, too.

As an example of how the barreling can be manipulated, consider Jack’s “Sinatra Select” whiskey. (Jack Daniel’s was so much Frank Sinatra’s favorite whiskey that he had his own personal sales rep for decades.) Special Barrel preparation for this product produces greater contact between the liquid and the oak, imparting a more robust taste. Kicking up the proof to 90 is another attribute. (Black Label is 80 proof.)

In addition to signature Black Label, the distillery also produces double-charcoal-mellowed Gentleman Jack. Recently the distillery has expanded offerings to include Tennessee SB IMG_0238Honey and Rested Rye. Lucky people in a few states may find spicy Tennessee Fire available. For those of discriminating proclivities, the ultimate experience is Single Barrel, billed as “singular whiskey for singular customers.” You can even buy an entire Barrel.

Visit the Jack Daniel’s crew in Sturgis at their usual place on Lazelle Street. And if a ride takes you near Lynchburg, TN, stop in at the Homeplace. Friends will be waiting for you.
Fun Facts About Jack:SB IMG_0217
• The origin of the moniker “Old No. 7” remains a mystery.
• Jack Daniel’s is made from all natural ingredients. It’s health food!
• The distiller’s number one customer is the U.S. Military.
• Frank Sinatra was buried with a small bottle of Jack Daniel’s in his pocket.
• Barrelhouse placement is a science; exposure to temperature variation can alter the expansion and contraction of the Barrels.
• During Barrel aging, some liquid evaporates. This is called the angel’s share.
• Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is bottled at its peak maturity, which is determined by taste, not age.
• Jack Daniel’s employs a group of 25 to 30 tasters including professionals as well as regular folks. (No, they’re not hiring at the moment, we checked.)
• We spotted several wild turkeys on the property during our tour. Industrial espionage?






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