Gray Ghost 2 land-speed-record racer update! Fischer, Riley & Witt ready to ride again!

Gray Ghost 2 Project Update:

Readers of IronWorks may recall our coverage of the grassroots land speed record bike campaigned by Jim Fisher, Warner Riley and Mike Witt. The team has gone to Bonneville Salt Flats the last several years, also testing the bike at ECTA trials at Wilmington, Ohio.

As they wrap up prep for the 2014 season, Jim walks us through the changes made to Gray Ghost 2 over the winter, in particular a complete rebuild of the engine and major overhaul of the chassis. Listen in as he starts up the bike – always a pivotal moment after the completion of major mods.

The team sends out special thanks to George Smith, Jeff Bailey of S&S Cycle. As you read this the bike is heading to Woodstock H-D for final tuning by “Dyno” Mike Witt and in less than two weeks it’s to the Ohio Mile in Wilmington, the first event of 2014.