Cyron Motor, Cutting Edge Technology for the Power Sports Industry

cyronChatsworth, Ca. – For well over a decade, the brand Cyron has been synonymous with cutting edge technology in the power-sport and performance automotive industries in the LED Lighting category.

Providing the absolute best quality parts at an affordable price is the sole objective. At all levels, Cyron is the preeminent brand available today! Whether your business is wholesale distribution, retail dealer (brick and mortar / online), or as the end using consumer, we have the products and programs to fit your specific needs.
We recently upgraded our already enormously popular H-4 Standard, Elite, and Mini Elite replacement bulbs with our new “Smart Driver” technology.
The idea was to create a bulb that will maintain its life and performance regardless of the size of the housing, ambient temperature, space behind the fan, riding style, or any other factor you can throw at it. Mission Accomplished!
After a demo, you will agree that Cyron is the industry pacesetter.


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About Cyron Motor 

Cyron Motor is a subsidiary of CYRON Inc., and is a pioneer in the world of Automotive and Power-Sport Lighting solutions. The company manufactures and distributes quality Solid-State Lighting products for use in consumer automotive, motorcycle, and related applications having helped customers worldwide to achieve levels of Visibility, Safety, and Style from parts that are reliable as well as affordable.
With over a decade of experience in custom lighting solutions and a history of industry “firsts,” Cyron Motor has become a leader of world class automotive lighting products. By building off our commitment to quality and reliability in products produced over the past 15 years, Cyron Motor is prepared to deliver automotive lighting advancements well into the future.

We invite you to contact CYRON and any of its network of dealers and distributors. You’ll find your SSL lighting solutions could be easier and more cost effective than you thought.

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