Announcing The Bike Shed opening in L.A.!

At last we can officially announce that we    are opening the Bike Shed in Los Angeles. Although we’ve been working on this for almost 2 years, and we know our t-shirts & jackets kinda gave it all away, we didn’t want to jump the gun on official announcements before we had the perfect space, and the permits from the City of L.A. to turn it into a destination that matched the vision we have for the Bike Shed in the US.
At 30,000 square feet the venue is huge, and it allows us to do things we’d love to do in London, but can’t fit – like a proper members bar and a tattoo studio.
The Hollywood Reporter broke the story, as that’s how you do things here in L.A., and we’ve started sharing 3D renders of the space, but there are many more. We hope some of you will be able to come and join us at the opening, but either way our universe is now officially growing, and so is the BSMC community. Thanks for all your support and faith so far. – DUTCH

The worst kept secret in the moto-community is now out there for the mainstream general public. As our digital press release, we have set up, a page led by commissioned artwork from Bike Shed favourite Ryan Quickfall.

Our architect, Spacecraft, has also created around 40 3D renders of the space, which we can now start to share with all of you.

The Hollywood Reporter in L.A. got the scoop, where Vikki and I tried to explain the concept of a ‘motorcycle members club’, where you don’t need to join the club, and we don’t mind if you don’t turn up on a motorcycle, but we are still an authentic motorcycle destination.