Signal Hill, CA March 9, 2015

Ken’s Factory USA showroom is open! And is launched – fulfilling orders now in the United States. The public is welcome to buy his world class custom motorcycle parts online; dealers are welcome to register to do the same, but with dealer discount via special login – 24/7.
Winner of countless world-class design competitions, Ken Nagai of Nagoya, Japan has created demand for the detail-inspired interpretation of American motorcycle style which has warranted the expansion.
Exemplified at the V-Twin Expo last February, a theory behind the escalated interest is the noticeably fresh perspective on product design that could only come from a passion-instilled vantage afar.
With about two decades of experience in the Harley-Davidson-inspired world of riding, customizing, parts distribution; as well as his international relationships and influence in some trends, Nelson Kanno was hand-picked to spearhead the online and offline efforts to satisfy U.S. enthusiasts who wanted access to Ken’s creative take on motorcycle Americana.
“Ken is one of the few designer/builders that is still consistently getting six-figures for his brand of motorcycle elegance and business is booming…so the desire is there,” says Nelson. “Streamlining product distribution in the US offers many the approachable chance to apply a taste of this exotic styling in the very home of this now global art form.”
Details Create Style is what Ken’s Factory stands for. Ken and Nelson welcome people to find the details that create their own style with one’s motorcycle through curating the premium components available through them.


Nelson Kanno | General Manager | Ken’s Facory USA
For more information please contact
Nelson Kanno
1881 Obispo Ave
Signal Hill, CA 90755