Zipper’s High Compression 110″ CVO Piston Kits

Quick Overview

Co-designed by Zipper’s and Wiseco Engineering during the development of Zipper’s Muscle 110 kit, these powerful forged pistons have superior design features over the competition.• Advanced dome design for improved combustion in the factory CVO110 head
• Two dome heights – 10.9 or 12.7:1 compression (based on stock CVO head volume)
• Lightweight design, 555 grams per piston with rings/pins/clips
• Additional clearance built in valve pockets for high lift and oversize valves
• Available in +.007″, +.014″ and +.022″ oversizes
• ArmorGlideTM bonded skirt lubricant allows tighter fit and reduced friction
• ArmorPlatingTM applied to the piston crown, ring grooves, and pin bore.