Win This Legendary Bike For $10 While Supporting U.S. Troops

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Pros 4 Vets Raffle Bike
We’ve teamed up with Pros 4 Vets to revive and raffle this original 1974 Honda CB750. It is in amazing condition. This highly sought after bike can be yours if you get the winning ticket. Only 2,000 tickets will be sold. $10 per ticket. All proceeds to go to
Customizable Bikes Kits
This is Phase 1 of our bike kit system. It’s a great place to start when building your bike.
Our bike kits are offered in 5 separate, customizable phases so customers can build as their time & budget allows.
For more information on our bike kits and how you can spec one out to your wants & needs, click here.
We appreciate your support and interest in our motorcycles, our bike kits, and what we are up to. Let us hear from you with any suggestions or questions about how we can better serve your motorcycling needs & wants.
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