The Guess Who” Headlines Saturday Night at Hollister Freedom Rally

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“The Guess Who” Headlines Saturday Night at Hollister Freedom Rally

The Guess Who, with fourteen top 40 hits will be rocking the Hollister Freedom Rally on the 4th of July.

The Guess Who, a group that’s connected with the masses throughout an exultant hit parade including “These Eyes,” “Clap for the Wolfman,” “Hand Me Down World,” “No Time,” “Star Baby,” and “Share the Land,”.  Add in fellow classics and double sided singles like their #1 rock anthem “American Woman” and “No Sugar Tonight,” plus “Laughing” and “Undun,” and the Canadian bred stateside conquerors are amongst music’s most indelible treasures who are eternally etched within the very fabric of pop culture history.

“You’re going to see an excellent version of the songs and hear exactly how they should sound or be played,” verifies founding member and original drummer/songwriter Garry Peterson.  “We’re coming at a new generation of fans who are seeing how the band can execute with enthusiasm.  And we’re also making sure the respect level remains at an all-time high for how the music was initially recorded and remains at an all-time high for the fans who have been with the band from the beginning.”

“We are very excited to have The Guess Who performing at the 2015 Hollister Freedom Rally.  Their iconic classic rock sound will bring back great memories for so many of the bikers and will introduce a new sound to those who are hearing them for the first time,” says Chuck Schwartz, Chairman of the Hollister Freedom Rally.

The Guess Who concert on Saturday, July 4th is included in the VIP Package.  Continue to check our website for more detailed information on the live entertainment, along with other rally updates.