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Lincoln Electric Changes the Game with New Welder/Generator

New Ranger® 330MPX welder/generator leads the way with radical new styling and user-oriented features

Cleveland – Lincoln Electric® introduces a brand new gas engine driven welder and generator that gives you more power and versatility in a smaller, quieter package – the Ranger 330MPX. The combination of a smaller footprint, quieter operation and clean AC generator power enable the user to operate various tools and tech in the field in some of the most rigorous industries: construction, maintenance and repair, farm and ranch, and pipeline.
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Lincoln Electric Celebrates 5 Years Of Its YouTube Channel

Since launch five years its 2009, Lincoln Electric’s YouTube channel: lincolnelectrictv has hosted 450 videos with more than 4.5 million views of product demonstrations, welding applications and tips from welding and fabricating industry professionals. Those views have accumulated over 133,300 hours of viewing time which translates to just over 15 years of video viewing.

“lincolnelectrictv gives the welding community another resource for information on new products, welding knowledge and safe operation,” explains Rob Bruder, marketing communications group leader – media at Lincoln Electric. “Through these five years, we’ve been able to post hundreds of informative videos that can help welders and fabricators achieve better welds and work more productively and safely. In addition, viewers can stay current on the latest fabrication technology.”

For a sample of the lincolnelectrictv channel checkout theis video; Seam Tracker and Motorized Slide Welding Systems from Lincoln Electric: http://youtu.be/JQJoVy13cXo , or Introducing the Burny Kaliburn Spirit II: http://youtu.be/zdVrEXftczc . Viewers can also see features on Lincoln Electric’s extensive line of welding consumables, training and operator tips, plus “Made Possible with Lincoln Electric,” a series exploring how Lincoln Electric has played a major role in constructing the most iconic structures and vehicles on Earth. For more information about Lincoln Electric and its products and services, visit www.lincolnelectric.com.

Source and images: Lincoln Electric
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Weld Done, Lincoln…

Inspired by the fabrication work of respected personality Jessi Combs, Lincoln Electric has released a Ready-Pak of welding accessories tailored especially for women. With a welding jacket and two pairs of gloves sized to fit without having to adapt to generic men’s sizes, it’s a progressive step towards showing the world what’s really possible when you offer everyone equal rights and opportunities…in the fab shop, at least! Learn more on Lincoln’s website HERE.

Jessi Combs' Women's Welding Gear Ready-Pak