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A Fancy French FX

019_fxrPhotos by Herve’ Rebollo and Fabrice Berry

Editor’s Note: I don’t recall the circumstances that resulted in my being introduced to Herve’ Rebollo but I DO remember that when we met during my trip to Paris a few years ago, he brought me a bottle of French champagne! The man makes an impression!
Since then, he’s kept in touch, often sending pictures from his frequent rides in his country. I have learned that Herve’ is no hobbyist biker – he is an authentic rider undeterred by rain, cold or distance. And a solid enthusiast with an eye for the original and beautiful.

He tells the story here of his “quest” to build an FXR-style bike, a project he just completed after several years of dedicated effort. It’s wonderfully done and we thank Herve’ for allowing us to show it here.

Herve’s Quest

When I attended the FXR show (during my first Sturgis bike week in 2014 with my friend David Uhl), I discovered that specific design and style that owners of FXRs and some Dynas gave to their bikes. I literally fell in love with that motorcycle trend we don’t have in Europe.

For some months I wanted to find a project for my next bike. I didn’t want a chopper, a bobber, a racer … I was not really sure of the way I wanted to follow …

In the late 2014 I began to follow (on Instagram), the famous JAILBAIT bike owned by Daniel Dolan, an FXRP with an S&S 111ci engine.
And, lucky me, in 2015 David Uhl proposed I once again come with him to the Strugis.
And lucky me twice, I saw “for real” my dream bike JAILBAIT at the FXR show. I even had a little discussion with Daniel.

So, coming back home in September 2015, I decided to find an FXR in France and develop my own project. I took my time for sure but I met a little problem: FXRs are so rare here in Europe and when you find one, it is often in a bad state. So, month after month, my project didn’t really progress.

Finally, after several long talks with the workshop manager of my H-D dealership (HD BORIE since 1946) who’s a friend, we decided in early 2017 to work with a used FAT BOB 2015 FXDL.

004_fxrThe DRAG SPECIALTIES catalog helped me to define the line / design of the beast. (I used their fairing and handlebar.) Of course I ordered VILLAIN 2HERO bags and decided to install a MOHICAN ARROW pipe.

The amazing work of painting is done by a little craftsman named Mathieu Sergent, owner of MS CUSTOM located in center of France.

I kept the original H-D saddle. I may install a solo one soon – the painting continues under the current saddle, so I can change for a solo when I want.

017_fxr - Copie
I have had my first ride (300 miles on wet, muddy little roads) on Saturday 20th of January. It was fantastic! The bike has a unique aesthetic, is powerful, sounds soooo good, is totally secure and (good surprise) really comfortable.

I’m so happy and proud. I have to confess that for the first time in my (long) biker life a motorcycle impressed me so much.

Parts020_fxr015_fxr012_fxr 010_fxr 009_fxr 008_fxr 007_fxr 004_fxr 001_fxr IMG_2423 IMG_20171022_213935_319Below are two pics of the bike that inspired Herve’s build: JAILBAIT

image002 image001

Hot Rodder’s Hideout at Jerry’s Custom Cars

With the 75th Anniversary of Daytona Bike Week on the horizon, we can’t stop thinking about going to Florida. That reminded us of this message from our friend, Herve’ Rebollo from France about a gearhead legend he discovered hiding out on Florida’s west coast, Jerry Douglas.

(Herve’ writes for France’s MotoMag and is the “French Connection” for New York Rider Magazine. He is also a published author of a book about his adventures at Daytona Bike Week.)

Let me introduce my friend Jerry Douglas at Jerry’s Custom Cars!

Last summer, I was lucky enough to spend some days of vacation at Indian Rocks, near Largo, between Tampa and St Petersburg. A friend of mine, Patrick, lives here and, as he was in France in July, he lent me his house for 3 weeks.

Patrick told me to have one or two hours to visit his friend, the famous car master car builder Jerry Douglas. Jerry is an incredible man. He’s a living legend and has won so many prizes in his career. (There are so many trophies in his modern 10,800-square-foot building on nearly an acre).

He’s a master builder, a car racer, friend of so many stars (he was a friend of Evel Knievel the great) and a nice passionate man. As personal friend of Evel, you can see the logo of the famous stuntman painted on the Jerry’s race car. Evel the daredevil was his sponsor. Cool ain’t it? And one of the last interviews gave by Knievel was done here, in this garage …

Jerry Douglas had owned and operated an asphalt business for more than a dozen years when he decided to give it up for something he liked better: building and re- pairing street hot rods and custom cars. “I had to quit my job to keep up with my hobby,” said the Battle-Creek, Mich., native. “I’d been building and repairing cars since I was a kid, but it had always been a hobby. Suddenly, my job was interfering with my hobby.” He found a building and went to work right away renovating it, taking half the building for himself, building offices, putting in a showroom and shop, and hand-painting white and black checks on the floor. He created 15 storage and work areas in the other half of the building. Thirteen of the stalls are rented. “Each person has customized his stall,” said Douglas. Among the vehicles taking up space in the 12-by-25-foot stalls are a 1957 Chevrolet, a 1933 Ford , truck, a 1958 Buick and a 1980 Porsche.

Merci Jerry for these two hours of your time you gave me on this sunny Tuesday morning. It was really great. Next time you will be in Florida, I’ll pick you up with my Chevy 56 and we’ll go to talk with an old friend … about cars.

Hervé    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jerrys-Custom-Cars/147323635312213

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