Taking chrome to the next level, we are introducing our Lava Chrome which leverages the mirror finish of traditional chromium and gives it a smokey radiance producing a unique dark look while retaining the reflective quality. The initial Lava Chrome parts include our proven two-into-one Sidewinder exhaust system for late-model touring bikes. This long tube exhaust features a full-flow stainless header that merges into a highly engineered collector, culminating in a 4.5” muffler with an aluminum tip. The Sidewinder in any finish represents the perfect combination of style and power and includes our removable dB reducer baffle allowing riders to tune the system for sound and backpressure.
In addition to the Touring model exhaust, we’ve also released a Lava Chrome version of the venerable Teardrop air cleaner in both traditional size and the popular Mini Teardrop. “We’ve experimented with dark chrome until we had a formula we liked and one that was consistent; Lava Chrome is both and has proven to be durable as well,” shared S&S Head of Marketing Jon Montgomery.


Both the Lava Chrome Sidewinder exhaust and teardrop air cleaners are available through your favorite S&S dealer or you can find more info on the S&S website.

The Performance Times Podcast

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In today’s episode, the S&S guys drop a little Wisconsin on California’s Born Free, talk spicy racing moves, the best engine for your older bike, and the show says goodbye to Dave as he rides off into the sunset.