Road Weasels, A Tribute To Ross Tomas

Post by Joe Distefano of Pro Riders Marketing.

After the tragic premature death of their only child,Ross, Mike and Carolyn Tomas, owners of Kiwi Indian Motorcycles in Riverside,California, decided to begin creating a new legacy in their son’s name. They have started a motorcycle group called the Road Weasels. This is already an International group and consists of both riders and non riders alike.

IMG_1233The entire focus of the group is to emulate their son’s sense of humor,love of life and general kindness toward others. These are the people who will be proud to wear the colors of the Road Weasels. The group has a web site at  . The membership fee is $40 (annually) and includes a tee shirt, tank decal and jacket patch as well as a commemorative poker chip with the Road Weasel logo on one side and the Round The World logo on the reverse side.

In addition, the establishment of the Ross Tomas Foundation has begun. Funds generated through the Road Weasels group ,as well as any donations, will be funneled to this foundation and its underlying program called YEP. This acronym stands for Youth Enrichment Program. YEP will be used to fund scholarships and provide a helping hand to young men and women who desire to pursue further education and need some help to reach their goals. There will be an application process as well as a governing board making funding decisions.

Joining Road Weasels is easy and promises to be extremely rewarding. There will be a number of events during the year as well as a news letter to keep members up to date on happenings. ALL riders are welcome join regardless of the type or brand of bike you ride. We even have members who do not have a motorcycle but love the concept of what being a Road Weasel stands for.

Go to the web site and check us out. Sign up today and get your membership packet on the way ASAP. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!

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