2014 Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run

For all you lovers of old machines here’s an event to mark down on your calendar. Its the 2014 edition of the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run. A 16-day, 4,150-mile coast-to-coast ride that challenges both man and machine. This year’s run is open to antique motorcycles made before 1937. The run will leave from Daytona Beach, Florida on September 5 and finish in Tacoma, Washington on September 21. If you get a chance you should definitely take the time to see the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run as it is truly an awesome experience. If you have a bike that is eligible and want to enter you’re too late as all spots have been filled already.

Here is the route:

Stage 1 Fri Sept. 5     Daytona Beach, FL to Lake City, FL 175 Miles171FotoFlexer_Photo
Stage 2 Sat Sept. 6 Lake City, FL to Columbus, GA 275 Miles
Stage 3 Sun Sept. 7 Columbus, GA to Chattanooga, TN 250 Miles
Stage 4 Mon Sept. 8 Chattanooga, TN to Clarksville, TN     250 Miles
Stage 5 Tue Sept. 9 Clarksville, TN to Cape Girardeau, MO 200 Miles
Stage 6 Wed Sept. 10 Cape Girardeau, MO to Sedalia, MO 300 Miles
Stage 7 Thu Sept. 11 Sedalia, MO to Junction City, KS 250 Miles
Rest Day Fri Sept. 12 Rest Day; Junction City, KS
Stage 8 Sat Sept. 13 Junction City, KS to Burlington, CO 325 Miles
Stage 9 Sun Sept. 14 Burlington, CO to Golden, CO 300 Miles
Stage 10 Mon Sept. 15 Golden, CO to Grand Junction, CO 275 Miles
Stage 11 Tue Sept. 16 Grand Junction, CO to Springville, UT 300 Miles
Stage 12 Wed Sept. 17 Springville, UT to Elko, NV 300 Miles
Stage 13 Thu Sept. 18 Elko, NV to Meridian, ID 275 Miles
Stage 14 Fri Sept. 19 Meridian, ID to Lewiston, ID 275 Miles
Stage 15 Sat Sept. 20 Lewiston, ID to Yakima, WA 250 miles
Stage 16 Sun Sept. 21 Yakima, WA to Tacoma, WA 150 miles

Source: Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run
Images and post: Sam Kanish

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Post & Images by Jeff Najar / Bikerpros.com
Washington, DC was an exceptional show with no less than 7 new custom bikes that made their debut at the J&P Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. John Dodson of Gangster Choppers, Devon Eckert of Whiskey Tango Choppers,  Karn of Karns Kustoms and Steve Garwood of Garwood Custom Cycles brought their latest creations. Enthusiasts attending the show were treated to some of the most outstanding sleds in Ultimate Builder series.

SHO DOG winners include Roy Chamberlin of C&C Cycle and Mike Davis of Speed Worx. Roy won a Garage Leathers solo bag and Mike won a Rocking K Leathers chain wallet. Two Wheel Mafia Custom Cycles took home the People’s Choice Award and received a custom Bell Helmet pinstriped by Skratch.

FreeStyle Class

John Dodson of Gangster Choppers rolled four choppers into the Washington Convention Center with three of them going to the front of the hall and placed into the showcase area of the show. His fourth chopper, Low Down, entered into the competition. It’s his personal chopper that was completed at 2AM the morning of the show. It’s a stock 1981 Lowrider and features a 93ci Shovel, 10:1 compression, EVO oiling and .600” lift cam. The oil bag, fuel filter and pegs are all hand fabricated.

1.       John Dodson, Gangsta Choppers – Low Down, 1981 Lowrider.

2.       Joey Chanel, Race Response – Blood, Sweat and Gears, ’79 CM400T

3.       Ross Latimer, Rats Customs – Maverick, ’01 Sportster

MOD Harley Class

Adam Karns is our 2013 Ultimate Builder MOD Harley National Champion. Adam starts off 2014 with a win in DC with his Hooligan bobber. It is a custom 1974 HOG  that features a 1000cc Sportster mil, mobile video and nav, split rocker boxes, molded chassis, hard tail, hydraulic clutch and hidden wires.

1.       Adam Karns, Karns Kustoms – Hooligan, ’74 Sportster

2.       Robert  Kelley   – Black Betty , ’90 Sportster

3.       Daniel   Rodriguez, KarTunes Inc – ’09 Roadglide

Retro MOD Class

What can you say about the young gun Devon Eckert of Whiskey Tango Choppers? He came on the scene last year and won the DC Ultimate Builder and then got a feature in The Horse Backstreet Chopper Magazine. This year he rolled into DC with Bad Reputation, a 1981 Yamaha XS650, and came away with the same results, another 1st place finish.  The Yamaha features air ride, custom seat, Pamco ignition, goose neck frame and hard tail.

1.       Devon Eckert, Whiskey Tango Choppers – Bad Reptation, ’81 XS650

2.       Two Wheel Mafia Custom Cycles – Hott Chocolate, ’80 XS650

3.       Bill Abraovich – Sukstein, ’79 Suzuki GS750

MOD Street Class

Steve Campbell of Street Working Class Choppers rolled in Tamaqua and rolled out the winner of the MOD Street class. The bike Jizzeppi started out life as a Suzuki GS450 and was converted into a Café Racer with hammered copper.

1.       Steve Campbell, Working Class Choppers – Jizzeppi, Suzuki GS450

2.       Rick Pazmino, Honda of Grofton – ’10 Honda Fury

3.       Bernie Torreyson – Cool Bu, ’11 Victory Cross Country

Performance Custom Class

Joe Brinkley of Precision Motorcycle brought in a low 2008 Kawasaki  ZX14 that features front and back air ride  from air fx, molded in iPod with speakers, cut front fender and a  custom white alligator seat. The bike’s stance is enhanced with a chrome 16 over stretched c and s swing arm.

1.       Joe Brinkley, Precision Motorcycle – ’08 ZX14

2.       Garwood Custom Cycles – Apocalypse, 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa

3.       Shane Hull, Custom Rocketz – Vintage, ’94 Suzuki 1100

AMD Show News

Finally! News of Big Bike Europe and AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building for 2014.
Big Bike Europe will become a biennial (alternate-annual) expo and move to first week of October
INTERMOT at the Cologne exhibition centre in Germany. (October 1-5, 2014)
The two events will then form a permanent alternate-annual formula thereafter. More details to follow in February.