The Origin of Polina’s dream, Bikers Insider.

Article and Images by Polina Krasnova, Moscow, Russia.

Time goes by and this September I’m happy to celebrate Bikers Insider 6th anniversary.
During this years it was a long way from the point where I started till this moment.
My life since I was a kid was dedicated to photography and reports and nothing even close to
motorcycles till the moment I accidentally got a job at Harley Davidson Moscow. Before this time I started
career as sports reporter but my main goal during college was to do military journalism and do
something big and important. I was almost 24 when I started to work with bikes and it took me more
than a year to understand the culture and why I love all this.

Here is a small story where brand my name came from.
I had a friend who started his career as a reporter at period of time when I thought mine was over and I
was disappointed at everything. First time we met because of a common friend from USA who was a
ballet dancer. Alex and I lived not far from each other and we were working out at the same gym. One
night we were at the swimming pool after work. Swimming talking about projects and articles. I started
to share my feelings about some moto photoshoots and event reports I made, they looked pretty good
also I could apply my skills from sport shootings making pics on a fast lane etc.
Alex said -maybe you need to make Instagram and logo for all your moto pics? After he laughed and said
– Do you remember Joy? She had you tube channel called Ballet Insider and you can call your profile

I was also laughing and said – Why not)) even it will be kinda stupid.
Some time passed after this conversation and it was a day when I understood that yep it’s time to create
something that will show people my work and things im doing. I was thinking about the name pretty
long time and in the end I remembered this conversation at swimming pool and thought Really! Why

All my life people didn’t take me seriously cause I was very ambitious and had very high goals. Also
reporting and after motorcycles its more of a mans industries so I heard many phrases like: -Woman can’t do men business, – You won’t get a job cause you must be strong and hardy and you are a girl, – Cmon!

You really expect to earn any money with you pictures?)lol)), – Go make a family and get real job! Live like all normal people, -You are not good enough, etc.

Hard to keep faith in yourself when when society eating you alive but there are no great achievements
without great obstacles.

This six years were very tough but incredibly amazing . I traveled half of the world, did unbelievable
things that people thought were impossible, made over 100 reports of moto events worldwide, was
published at Russian, American, French, Italian magazines, worked in many interesting projects
collaborations and commercials.

Dreaming of doing something big.

I’m happy that life lead me to motorcycles and to many amazing people I met during this journey.
And I’m proud that I can capture their life, work, memories. Tell their stories and help them to be seen.

Reporting is educational activity and I do my best to share my experience and information I get with
others. And every day making small steps we are creating something big and important.

6 years is not a long time and they passed very quickly) so its only beginning. I will keep work hard, reach
new goals and go up higher.

Life is hard but never give up on your dreams guys .