Outdoor Bike ShowCase by CarCapsule – The Ultimate Premium Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Solution

The Outdoor Bike ShowCase, by CarCapsule, provides a superior solution for outdoor storage and protection of motorcycles. The ultra-premium Outdoor Bike Showcase is the latest addition in a long line of products that further establishes CarCapsule’s ongoing commitment to provide vehicle enthusiasts worldwide with the most effective way to protect their investments. Designed for outdoor use, the new model offers the benefits of the original Bike ShowCase; protection from dings, dust, dirt, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests, yet also provides the bike protection from damaging rain, snow, hail and sunlight. Best described as a “Touchless Motorcycle Cover”, the Outdoor Bike ShowCase provides ultimate protection, yet never touches the motorcycle. The Outdoor Bike ShowCase’s overall structure is supported by heavy duty resilient inflatable air columns, and features a front panel, which zips open and away, allowing the motorcycle to simply be driven in or out. Utilizing CarCapsule’s proven Evaporative Storage Technology (E.S.T.), air inside the Outdoor Bike ShowCase is exchanged with filtered outside air 3-5 times every hour, keeping the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside and eliminating moisture that could condense on the motorcycle. The Outdoor Bike ShowCase features durable and UV rated 0.40 gauge PVC side panels, and a 0.45 gauge reinforced PVC basemat that is mildew, abrasion and flame resistant, as well as impervious to oil, and gas. Tube structures are produced with .60 gauge PVC. All materials are can withstand 158°F and are cold crack tested to -25°. Best of all No Tools are needed for this easy one-step set up; simply attach the included air pump and the Outdoor Bike ShowCase inflates in less than 90 seconds. See for yourself; a demonstration video can be seen at . A variety of CarCapsule ShowCase models are offered for motorcycles, automobiles or as a storage solution for most any situation that requires a dust free, and dry storage option. Custom configurations, made to customer specifications, are also available. For more information visit, or contact directly at (219) 945-9493 or

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