Marilyn’s New Harley Book

Over the years there have been a myriad of books written about Harley-Davidson, its history, and its motorcycles. There’s a new addition to that litany of titles about Harley with Motorbooks release of “HARLEY-DAVIDSON CVO MOTORCYCLES – The Motor Company’s Custom Vehicle Operations” by Marilyn Stemp.

Harley has been in the fore front of ’factory custom’ bikes since the early 70s when it introduced the Super Glide. Everyone knows that the CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) bikes are the crème-de-la-crème of Harley’s line up of motorcycles. They come with very special distinctive paint schemes and every bell and whistle accessory that a Harley owner could think of. If you want to get a factory custom motorcycle already blinged out, then a CVO is for you.

Likewise this book may be the crème-de-la-crème of ‘coffee table’ books. Like the engines in a CVO it is massive measuring in at just under 10 inches by 12 inches with 224 pages between the covers. Nearly all of those pages are covered with one of the awesome 258 images of the various sub species of CVO motorcycles.

Marilyn and her son Vincent trace the history of the Custom Motorcycle Operations through the years from its meager start with an FXR in 1999. They meticulously chronicle the various changes that have been made to the CVO model in each family of bikes. If you had a question about your CVO, or wanted to stump your friends with trivia about Harley’s CVO bikes you can find the info on these pages.

This book is going to be a must have addition to your library of motorcycle publications, especially if you’re a Harley aficionado. “HARLEY-DAVIDSON CVO MOTORCYCLES – The Motor Company’s Custom Vehicle Operations” by Marilyn Stemp is due for release on April1, 2016. You’ll be able to get it in any discerning book store. If you can’t find it try online at BTW I’m planning on getting Marilyn to sign my copy.

Posted by Sam Kanish

Image from: Motorbooks