High Seas Rally 2023 Where going Hog Wild is Expected

Until you literally get on board, it’s a concept that might be hard to wrap your head around: a motorcycle rally on an ocean-going cruise ship! But that’s what the High Seas Rally is and in the last two years it has made quite an impact among riders.

If it sounds familiar, that’s because Dean and Debbie Anderson launched the idea in 2003, taking motorcyclists to sea many times on a partial ship charter with Royal Caribbean. Shortly after Entertainment Cruise Productions bought the company, the pandemic stalled progress until 2022, when a full ship takeover sailed from Florida into the Caribbean – and having only bikers on board made all the difference.

As in 2022, the High Seas Rally 2023 commandeered one of Royal Caribbean’s cruise liners then filled it with riders, custom builders, influencers and aftermarket reps. The days were packed with concerts by Lita Ford, The Outlaws and George Thorogood, builder chats with the likes of Paul Yaffe, Dave & Jody Perewitz, Chris Callen and Kory Souza, and theme nights. No rules, just fun!

Zany contests and giveaways culminated in the drawing of the lucky winner of the HSR Custom Motorcycle, built by Providence Cycle Works’ Xavier Muriel. Next year, Rick Bray, Pat Patterson and Majik Mike join Xavier in building commissioned customs, which means 2024 cruisers have four chances to win – just for booking a cabin and sailing the crystal blue seas with hundreds of your riding friends.

There’s a vendor showcase, moto-art gallery, merch store and themed areas compliments of partners such as Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation, Law Tigers, Sturgis Buffalo Chip, 99% Radio Network and Rocavaka. Charitable efforts benefit Dialysis at Sea and Wounded Warriors.

But enough words! Pictures tell the story. Take a look at what you’ve been missing then head to to make sure that doesn’t happen next year.