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Riding boots are not just riding boots. Oh, they might start out that way but when you get where you’re going and get off the bike those riding boots also have to be walk-around-the-bike-show boots; or walk-down-Main-Street boots. Sometimes they have to be hiking boots or museum boots, too. But wherever you go in your riding boots, count on this: you’ll be in them all day so they have to be comfortable.

And we haven’t even talked about battling the elements yet! That brings in a whole additional set of requirements. Maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to find the do-everything boot; motorcycle riders simply encounter too many possibilities in a given day. No single pair of boots can fill every need.

But Harley-Davidson Footwear has been offering options for years in an effort to help riders find that perfect combination of function, comfort and style and for 2015 there’s plenty to choose from. In performance styles, there’s the Andy for men, a no-nonsense 6” lace up boot with a breathable waterproof membrane built in. It’s part of the new Flex Vent Series and made for the long haul. A comparable boot for women riders, the Elaine, is 5” tall and built for increased flexibility with a full range of motion, with Flex Vent technology, too.

For a taller classic-looking harness boot, men can pick the Maxwell with zip-on ease, tough rubber outsole, and Goodyear welt construction. The 10” tall Kiley gives women a Mad Max look and features full-length cushion sock lining and tough rubber outsole.

These boots are among the current styles in H-D Footwear’s Performance line, built for the rigors of the road. For boots, sneakers, and sandals that proclaim your H-D allegiance more casually there’s a complete catalog of fashion forward Lifestyle options as well.

So what’s the solution? Maybe this: get the most comfortable boots from the Performance line for riding, and then toss a pair of high-tops from the Lifestyle line in the saddlebags for later. There’s plenty to choose from in the H-D Footwear catalogs.

See tons at Your local H-D dealer has more choices, too.

HDF Maxwell D96072 HDF Kiley D87060 HDF Elaine D87054 HDF Andy D96066