CORBIN Dual Saddle for 2021 -2022 Honda Grom

Nice styling that fits perfect to the bike and installs easily. A host of color and material options let you design a seat that suits your taste from mild to wild. This generation’s seat model has a new trim panel in the side for an added custom touch that keys in to the bike’s design nicely.
Like all Corbin saddles, we start by crafting a seat using our high-density Comfort Cell foam. Comfort Cell retains resiliency and doesn’t crush down like the stock foam so we can build a lower seating platform. This gives you good ground reach and balanced riding position. We were also sure to neutralize the seating position to help curb sliding forward in the saddle.
This seat gives you more square inches of body contact and firm support for amazing comfort value. Sculpted to fit the shape of the human body to eliminate centralized pressure on the tailbone. Built up on a Fibertech basepan that is rigid to support the carefully designed foam shape. Corbin’s basepan rides on rubber bumpers to avoid scratching the bike.
Installation is simple with a tongue in the front and a latch bracket in the rear that integrates with the factory key lock. When new, you may want to install washers between the latch bracket and seat pan to allow the saddle to latch easier. The washers can be removed once the rubber bumpers break in a little.
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Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A