Story and Photos by ITN European Reporter Herve’ Rebollo.

Salut à toi American rider,

It was a long time I didn’t ride by night. It missed me. So, on this Friday 8 of December, it was time to get back on the road.

The idea was to go West, to join Normandy after 3 or 4 hours by secondary roads and arrive at the beautiful city of CABOURG before midnight (see my former post about this nice little town: RIDE TO CABOURG – Iron Trader News ).

My friends were already waiting for me in a local cool bar.

And of course, my road mate Thierry, the Porsche driver was there.

Our project, the day after, on the Saturday morning, was first to get lost in South Normandy and then ride/drive to a local (strange) motorcycle museum.

And, as usual when we’re deep in France, we are always amazed by the sites we see, we cross. Believe me, France is such a beautiful country.

And of course, having a maximum of photography of us in front of castles is still one of our favorite games.

Lucky us, it was not cold and not so much rainy (it’s always rainy in Normandy, even during summertime).

And sites after sites  …

… it was time to make a stop in a little village for having lunch.

We always try to find a bar/restaurant which has something different to offer.

And, totally by chance, once again, this one gave us total satisfaction.

The set was created by and for musicians.

The room was empty, the owner was having lunch with his wife and they engaged us to play guitar while he made our beers… cool place. And the funny thing is that in the heart of Normandy, where French fooding is at its peak, the guy offered us to order the main course he had prepared himself in the morning: a North African couscous. And you know what?! It was absolutely delicious.

One last coffee and it was time to hit the road again

In this early Saturday afternoon, the sun joined us for the second part of our trip: find and visit the locally (a little) famous STATION 70 National Road 13 museum.

It is a private museum created by a genuine enthusiast.

It comprises an exhibition area with over 70 vehicles (cars, motorcycles, motorized-bicycles, bicycles).

10,000 miniatures …

And 150 enameled advertising panels dating from 1920 to the 1980s.

When in front of the entrance, you immediately can see one of the numerous old cars still driven by the owner of the place.

Reproduction of a 1950s garage.

With its small old-fashioned bistro.

A timeless and convivial site where you can enjoy a drink or even a meal.


Official Nationale 13 Museum, acknowledged by the FFVE (French Vintage Vehicle Federation). ‘Rétro-tourisme’ awarded by Route Nostalgie association.

Step into your childhood memories!

The enthusiast owner has spent over 50 years collecting anything to do with trains, bikes, mopeds, motorbikes, cars, toys, miniatures and adverts.

This museum is all about passion!

It’s clearly a place to see …

And, as this museum is not very far from Omaha Beach, there is possibility to visit bunkers nearby

Frankly, even if this small private museum is not very huge and maybe needs a little refreshing, it really, really worths it.

I hope I’ll have soon the pleasure to bring you there soon.

See ya soon on the road, who knows?

Hervé, your French biker friend.

Station 70 chaque premier vendredi du mois – YouTube


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