Deciphering Harley-Davidson Model Codes

New Article by Lowbrow Customs

One of the newest articles posted up on the Lowbrow Customs Blog is a useful article about Harley-Davidson model designations. Spanning over 100 years, these model codes can quickly become overwhelming. This is a tool to help teach and help identify bikes on the fly.

Harley-Davidson applies a letter to help designate the main components, and even accessories, that a certain model is outfitted with. The key to deciphering these model abbreviations is understanding the sequence of the letters. Also, this guide can be used for identifying early models up to current day designations. Towards the end are written and photographic examples, as well as a quick reference guide for the most common late-model Harley Davidson model abbreviations, including the full model names. The full article can be found at 

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