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Ridewright Wheels Introduces 3-Piece Modular Billet Hub

Anaheim, CA -Ridewright Wheels, the leading premium spoke wheel builder in the U.S. and now manufacturer of forged billet wheels, introduces their new 3-Piece Modular Billet Hub. Manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, Ridewright engineers developed the next generation in hubs. Ridewright is the first to offer these innovative state-of-the-art-designed hubs and will be found on all Ridewright Wheels including their new forged line.

Dealers don’t have to stock nearly as much inventory to satisfy their customer’s needs since one wheel will fit multiple bikes. Riders can take their favorite Ridewright wheels and put them on their new bike by just changing the hub ends. All that’s needed to buy are the two hub ends. Available in luxurious show quality chrome. (Special finishes available upon request)

Ridewright Wheels offers matching rotors and pulleys for all of their wheels and can be ordered with a set of your favorite tires computer balanced and mounted. To order a set of wheels, please call 714-632-8297, email them at or visit


Weld Done, Lincoln…

Inspired by the fabrication work of respected personality Jessi Combs, Lincoln Electric has released a Ready-Pak of welding accessories tailored especially for women. With a welding jacket and two pairs of gloves sized to fit without having to adapt to generic men’s sizes, it’s a progressive step towards showing the world what’s really possible when you offer everyone equal rights and opportunities…in the fab shop, at least! Learn more on Lincoln’s website HERE.

Jessi Combs' Women's Welding Gear Ready-Pak

Clean Workbench, Clean Mind…

Take it from someone who once spent a whole day looking for a shifter ratchet spring: working on your own motorcycle is just easier when you’re clean an organized. While plastic bags, old coffee cans and empty egg cartons have certainly done their time, these hardware organizers from JIMS are designed specifically for our motorcycles. The right tools make a world of difference, you know…find out more on JIMS’s website, HERE.


Muscle Up!

Zippers has always been there to help V-twin riders punch up their rides, and they’ve been sure to stay current with the latest models from the Factory. Check out this top end kit for 110″ Stage I motors. Your stock heads get massaged, new valves and springs let the air in, and compression is raised with machine work and new pistons.


The kits are rounded out with Red Shift cams, Pro-Taper pushrods and an uprated oil bypass valve and cam chain tensioners for a healthier valve train. Built to increase maximum horsepower as well as usable torque, Zippers knows what riders want…and need.

Find out more on Zipper’s website, here!