Hang On!

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Albert Einstein, JJ Spain, El Waggs, the Redhead, Rogue, Sam Burns, Barry Green, Laura, Bob T., and the rest of the gang

.”>Open the garage door baby. Let's go for a ride...
Open the garage door baby. Let’s go for a ride…


We are living in strange times. Take a look at history and the weird shit impacting humanity, like wars. We are right there again and most folks go about their days, ho hum. Some brave souls are sounding the alarm, like Bob Kay with the IMA, Chris Callen of Cycle Source, Marc Morano at Cfact and Climate Depot and Greg Wrightstone of the CO2 Coalition. There are more and the numbers are growing.

It’s a war, but mostly of words and incarceration. If you don’t agree, you get arrested. The actions of the folks who want the war and destruction include open borders to control elections, killing our kids with fentanyl, ruining cities with crime and homelessness and punishing you because of your SUVs or motorcycles. The best recent historic example of this was right after WWII when the threat of communism caused a guy named Senator McCarthy to attempt to destroy free speech and jail anyone who muttered the word communism. Google it, look it up on Wikipedia.

At the time all the major Hollywood stars flew to Washington D.C. and protested his anti-freedom dictatorship. This time they support it. It’s time to be aware, very aware of what’s happening to our country.
The people stopped it and McCarthy committed suicide.

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