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Popecycle Sells For Big Bucks

Popecycle Sells For Big Bucks
The Harley Dyna Super Glide presented to Pope Francis last June as part of H-D’s 110th celebration sold for €241,500 (approx. $328,495 US) at Bonhams’ Les Grandes Marques du Monde sale at the Grand Palais in Paris today. Also up for bid was a Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket which fetched €57,500 (approx. $78,213 US) at the sale. The items elicited 6 minutes of spirited popebidding with the winning bid for the motorcycle coming from a telephone bidder. Proceeds from the sale of the Pope’s motorcycle items, which he signed, will go towards renovating the Caritas Roma’s Don Luigi di Liegro hostel and soup kitchen which is based at Rome’s Termini railway station.

Ben Walker, head of motorcycle auctions at Bonhams, stated: “I am thrilled with the result achieved and am very pleased for the charity. It has to be a world record for a twenty-first century Harley-Davidson and certainly for a Harley-Davidson leather jacket.” Caritas Roma’s director Enrico Feroci said “We are delighted with the results of the sale, which far exceeded any of our expectations. “We would like to thank Bonhams for their professionalism with handling the motorcycle and for all their efforts in helping us to achieve such an amazing result.”

Source: Bonham’s
Photo: L’Osservatore Romano
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Continued Coverage of Bean’re in ASIA

River crossings by motorcycle in Asia

To see ,ore of his amazing journey, visit EVERYTHING BEAN’RE


There is a lot of ways to get across the rivers here in Asia.

Even when they have bridges, they can be very sketchy and you have to walk across them just to test if they will hold the weight of you and your bike.

Sometimes you are just better off riding across.

Rivers need to be walked to check the depth or you can watch some one else and decide how to go about crossing. Locals usually know the best way.

Sometimes you can find a good makeshift ferry to carry your bike across.

But most of the time it is just an ordinary boat. Basically an over sized canoe that is used to carry people across.

There are no docks and the boats can’t pull up onto the beach. You usually have to bring the bikes into the water to load and unload them but that is just one obstacle.

The beaches have soft sand which you have to cross to get to and from the boats and it doesn’t stop there.

Most beaches are below steep hills or even cliffs that you must get up and down.

Basically you just have to be prepared to get a little dirty like in all good adventures!

Here is a video where I had a little fun with a bridge crossing…….


Margie Siegal’s New Harley History Book

margie siegal bookBack years ago when Dennis Stemp first started the original Iron Trader News one of his first acts was to get Margie Siegal on board to write about antique motorcycles and the history of motorcycling. Over the years Margie has entertained and enlightened our readers in every issue with her vast knowledge and expertise in the field of antique motorcycles.

Now she has written a new book about the history of Harley-Davidson titled: Harley-Davidson, A History of the World’s Most Famous Motorcycle. This 96 page book is being published by Random House and will go on sale in stores on May 20, 2014 for $9.95. But the book is available for preordering right now from Barnes & Noble, and This book should be a ‘must buy’ for anyone who considers themselves a true Harley enthusiast.

Source: Random House
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