Wolfgang Publications: Machining Basics – Part of Custom Motorcycle Fabrication

Machining Basics is an excerpt from a new book from Timothy Remus/Wolfgang Publications: Custom Motorcycle Fabrication. In addition to Machining Basics, Tim’s new book includes a chapter on TIG welding, a series of custom bike assembly sequences; and five fabrication chapters that include handlebars, oil tanks, a frame jig, working with tubing and the best steel and aluminum stock to use in a small fabrication shop.

Timothy says he likes the idea of guest authors. For this book he’s enlisted the help of two well-known how-to authors, Steve ‘Brewdude’ Garn and Paul Wideman. A number of shops helped as well, including Donnie Smith Custom Cycles and The Shadley Brothers.

 Look for this new Custom Motorcycle Fabrication book to be available in early April. For updates check the Wolfgang website:

Check out this sample chapter curtsey of Wolfgang Publications:   CustMCFab sample chapter

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