“What’s In The Barn?” Season 2

[corner-ad id=3]For all of us who have been lucky enough to actually get hold of a “barn find” we get to enjoy another season of watching Dale Walksler as he digs through old barns and outbuildings as he searches for rare and most historic vintage motorcycles. The new season begins at 10:00 PM on Tuesday June 10, 2014 on Velocity TV. There will be 8 brand new weekly episodes of “What’s in the Barn?” this season.

Dale has spent his life collecting rare American motorcycles and displaying them in his Wheels Through Time Museum. The Wheels Through Time has over 350 all-American motorcycles and automobiles on display, all of them run, including dozens of “Barn-finds”.  Many of those were discovered during Season 1 of “Whats in the Barn?” For more information, visit or visit

Source and image: Wheels Through Time Museum
Posted by Sam Kanish

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