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When we think of kustom builds, our attention is immediately drawn to sleek lines, nuanced paint designs, and, of course, strong motors built for a singular purpose. Kelsey Chelesnik of MOON RIDER seeks to redirect our attention to the details of kustom upholstery, her singular purpose to highlight how a vehicle’s interior or a kustom bike seat can tie an entire build together.

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“A lot of people overlook interiors and the work that goes into them. I try to give them the spotlight because I really feel they can make or break a build. I’m a perfectionist and I’ll spend hours to get it right,” stated Chelesnik.

The passion for being a seamstress runs deep within her family as Chelesnik proudly shared her great-grandmother sewed costumes for the famed Starlight Theater, one of Kansas City’s well- respected institutions. Additionally, her great-grandmother owned and operated a seamstress shop down the street from where Chelesnik currently lives.

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