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3rd Invitational WHY WE RIDE to The Quail Raising Much-needed Funds for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Scenic Motorcycle Tour for Charity Set for May 4–6


Moorpark, CA, – (21 April 2017) – The “Why We Ride” film, released in 2013 has become the #1 motorcycle movie in America because it is a story about who we are. It told the stories of individuals with a desire to dream, to discover and to explore. The movie hit an emotional nerve with riders and it has spawned an entire social movement within the industry. Director, Producer Bryan H. Carroll and Producer James Walker decided they needed to do something with this passion group of fans and out of that brainstorm came  Why We Ride MOTOvational Events. The 3rd Invitational WHY WE RIDE to the Quail is the largest annual charity event and will take place May 4, 5 and 6. The ride begins in Moorpark and heads to picturesque Pismo Beach, CA, moves up into the wooded hillsides and gorgeous valleys of Paso Robles wine country, following the Carmel River along the most seductive canyon road in California, and arriving at the beaches of Monterey in time for The Quail Motorcycle Gathering. All proceeds go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

“Three years ago we thought we would attract only ‘motorcycle people’ on the ride ,” says Bryan Carroll, producer of Why We Ride Films, organizers of the event. “Quickly we realized that like the movie, our audience was really people who ride motorcycles, which is a very different approach and made a huge difference. That approach expanded our sponsor base, and is responsible for an bigger ride this year – and being able to contribute more to our charity. I’m proud of our team for seeing our potential for good, and pushing harder every year.”

That huge difference is resulting in people of all stripes with a common love of motorcycle riding coming together and taking part. Of course, everyone loves a good cause, but the diversity of sponsors and participants really illustrates how the Hollywood and motorcycling communities have united to benefit those in need, namely children with serious medical issues. A combination of top motorcycle and riding accessories manufacturers have joined with the biggest and best equipment makers and creative service providers in Hollywood, and the unique nature of the 3-day ride (the only one of its kind) allows companies to demo products along the way.

“One of the reasons we have multiple OEMs sponsoring us is because this is about why we ride not what we ride,” says Carroll. “I wanted to bring my two passions to this ride, which is making movies and anything with an engine in it, and this year’s sponsors have captured that.”

Participants in the charity ride enjoy a bevy of perks (in addition to the awesome ride), including cocktails and vittles at the WWR Riders Dinner, gift bags, special guest speakers and VIP access to The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, including private ride to the event, exclusive parking and private lounge access.

Sponsors for The 3rd Invitational WHY WE RIDE to The Quail include (please link this to www.MOTOvational.com): Company 3, Refuse Specialists, Indian Motorcycle, Nuviz, Newbox Solutions, Kawasaki Motorcycles, Macro Space, Aerial Vuz, Gnarlynow Entertainment, Lightning Entertainment, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Klock Werks, D73, Motorcycle Mover LA, 805bling, Doffo Winery, LA Motorcyclist, FastHouse, Formosa Group, Fotokem, Lucky Fools, Harvest Construction, Egrafz, Alpinestars, EPS-Cineworks, AMA, idPlatforms, Bill Bavelas Family and Tim Mitchel Family.

About Why We Ride Films: Why We Ride Films is the production team behind Why We Ride, a feature length documentary film. Since its December 2013 release, it has quickly become the most critically acclaimed motorcycle movie of all time. Independently distributed by producer/director Bryan H. Carroll and producer James Walker—recipients of American Motorcyclist Magazine’s 2014 Motorcyclists of the Year award—Why We Ride’s aim is to use the power of cinema not only to entertain but also educate, inspire and celebrate the world of motorcycling with audiences worldwide. To learn more about Why We Ride, visit WhyWeRide.com.


Going “Backstage” at the Harley-Davidson Museum & Powertrain Operations

Story and photos by M. Stemp

Being in Milwaukee for the Mama Tried Show in February presented a great opportunity to also visit the Harley-Davidson Museum. In fact, the H-D Museum was an integral part of the weekend, kicking off the fun with Bike Night on Thursday then adding to the vibe with the Mama Tried Pre-Party Friday Night.


The Museum campus buzzed every day with racers and builders packing the Motor Bar and Restaurant and visitors entering the Museum, lining up for the Behind The Scenes Tour, and scouring the gift shop. Mentioning Mama Tried at the Museum netted a nifty discount on general admission, too.

After joining the mayhem at the Motor Bar on Thursday night, our group met at the Museum on Friday with Bill Rodencal, Vehicle Collections Specialist for the H-D Archives, whose insights and knowledge provided a fabulous foundation. He pointed out that much of the Museum’s collection – including up to 85% of the 485 motorcycles in it – are core company items; that is, materials owned and saved by Harley-Davidson through the years. The company still saves one to three bikes per year off the production line.

But motorcycles are just part of the picture. There are trophies, publications, photographs, sales literature, magazines, posters, riding gear and so much more that falls under the archives umbrella. It’s not unusual for people to donate items to the museum as well. Just recently, Peter Zylstra’s original drawings for the XR750 came to the collection. And while the collection certainly represents the history of Harley-Davidson, by extension it also represents the broader history of motorcycling, in America and around the world.

Bill also gave us an insiders look at the motorcycle archives, along with the area where new materials are received and catalogued, and even his workshop where he pointed out an important distinction: “We don’t do restoration, we do conservation,” he said.

To fully appreciate the H-D Museum, visitors should allow from one to four hours to see everything. We had to move on to Harley-Davidson’s Pilgrim Road Powertrain Operations where we met up with the Museum’s Tim McCormick and Pilgrim Road’s communications manager, Katie Almquist.

After gearing up in safety vests, glasses, earplugs, and toe covers, our group was guided by the very well informed Stephanie through the massive 912,000 square foot facility. We look so serious in the pictures because we were all wired via headsets to Stephanie’s explanations and detailed descriptions. It was an info-packed, intensive tour.

We learned that nearly 1,000 employees in three shifts work to machine, powdercoat, heat treat and assemble the 150+ parts that make up Harley-Davidson engines and transmissions. The factory produces more than 42 different configurations of H-D’s Milwaukee-Eight, Twin Cam and Sportster engines on two main assembly lines. Completed engines and transmissions then move on to final assembly plants in York, PA and Kansas City, MO.

Seeing this type of precision manufacturing in action gives a first-hand appreciation for the intricacies it requires and challenges it poses. There’s nothing easy about it and the employees are justifiably proud of their work.

All that walking and thinking made us thirsty so the next stop was Sobelman’s to assess the day over one of their famous Bloody Marys and prepare for Flat Out Friday racing that evening. The consensus? As gear head pursuits go, this weekend was shaping up as more than memorable.

Officials point out that about 80% of visitors to the H-D Museum don’t own a Harley. And yet, they visit. That’s quite a testament to how America’s industrial heritage in general and Harley-Davidson motorcycles in particular resonate in the world at large.

Museum admission is $20 for adults (H.O.G. members free, other discounts available). The Steel Toe Tour is $38 per person and can be arranged at the H-D Museum, from the H-D factory tours section of the website or by calling 877-883-1450 or 414-287-2789. Shorter, free tours of Powertrain Operations are also offered.

Women’s Motorcycle Tours First-Ever All-Women’s Motorcycle Tour in Cuba Now Half Full

cuba-headerDiamond Bar, CA – January 4, 2017 Women’s Motorcycle Tours and MotoDiscovery announce that the first-ever all women’s motorcycle tour of Cuba is now half full. Scheduled for March 18-26, 2017, the nine day tour has a full schedule of People-to-People (P2P) exchanges designed to inform, educate and promote meaningful interaction with Cubans from all walks of life.img_8187

“Cuba has been calling me since was very young. Enchanted with the forbidden country so close and yet so far away, I’ve longed to visit her most of my life,” said Alisa Clickenger, the Event Organizer at Women’s Motorcycle Tours. “In light of the recent shifts in the US and Cuban governments, I am extremely pleased with our timing. I don’t think there will be a better time to go. We definitely need to visit now.”_dsc4954

MotoDiscovery has been leading international tours since 1981, having added Cuba to their motorcycle tour lineup after gaining the prestigious license from the US Treasury Department in 2012. “There is no better way to engage the people of Cuba than by traveling on two wheels,” said MotoDiscovery founder Skip Mascorro. “Riding through the Cuban countryside, stopping in rural villages, tobacco farms, music and art schools proves a truly enriching and rewarding experience. “


Riders will be treated to open roads with little traffic, diverse scenery including lush tropics, beautiful mountains and the crystal waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. “We are early pioneers in all-female motorcycle tours, having run numerous all-women events into Old Mexico,”says Mascorro. “To now be working with Alisa on staging the first such ride in Cuba is a real honor. This ride is very special and the timing couldn’t be better.”


Registration ends in just a few short weeks so those interested travelers should reserve their spots now. For registration information, visit http://www.motodiscovery.com/Alisa-Clickenger-All-Womens-Cuba-Motocycle-Tour
or www.WomensMotorycleTours.com.

About Women’s Motorcycle Tours
Founded by journalist and motorcycle traveler Alisa Clickenger (MotoAdventureGal), Women’s Motorcycle Tours offers women two-wheeled adventure experiences both on and off road. We specialize in unique experiences on two wheels and seek out interesting scenery, fun places to explore and the best riding we can find in each area. Women’s Motorcycle Tours organized the highly successful Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride in July 2016. (562) 395-3830 www.WomensMotorycleTours.com

About MotoDiscovery
MotoDiscovery enjoys a loyal global following as a well recognized Texas based company having traveled in nearly 50 countries offering authentic adventure motorcycle touring experiences since 1981. Founded by Skip & Nancy Mascorro, legal travel to Cuba for US citizens is the latest in a long list of groundbreaking motorcycle touring events including adventures in Mexico, Central and South America, India, Iran, Southeast Asia and Europe. (800) 233-0564 www.MotoDiscovery.com