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To me, Sturgis is a special place, and not just to me, hundreds of thousands of bikers. from the always stunning sights as seen above, to the

incredible entertainment as viewed below at the Buffal Chip. As a photographer and web dude for Iron Trader News, I try to connect myself with

the best the industry has to offer. Rod “Woody” Woodruff,  Commander & Chief of the Chip, has the most incredible destination for you to visit &

even better, plant roots at. Tents, cabins, campers, your bus, everything fits. With entertainment from morning till night, what more could you want?


As a member of Iron Trader News, its my privilege to be under the wing of Marilyn Stemp, the best editor I have ever worked with. That being said,

she gives me assignments that are my pleasure to tackle. I get to mingle with industry builders and private enthusiasts that I would otherwise not

have the opportunity to do so. As seen below, I was asked to present the Iron Trader News award for our EDITORS CHOICE, and that went to

Chad Pearson with his 1957 FLH. It was a bike that took me to another era, clean, great lines, this guy has it dialed in perfectly. Presenting Chad

our award at such a high profile, well run show, proved to be a terrific day for me personally.


(Below, Woody discussing business with Custom Motorcycle Builder Johnny Mac from Johnny Mac’s Chopper House in Philadelphia)


Moving around the area a bit, Maverick Publishing had a bagger show at the new Full Throttle Saloon. Stunning bikes, amazing thought process

put into each and every one of them.


Each year the Chip has the Michael Lichter Exhibit, a different theme each year. This year he presented Skin & Bones, Tattoo inspired Motorcycles

and Art. More images to come. Below see Michael with a group of the industries well know. He looks quite happy if you ask me. Just sayin’

I save the best for last, this is me, mobile photographer, future Hamster (hopefully) and more. Standing with Rick Fairless, a great dude from

Strokers Dallas, and out on the Aidan’s Ride Sturgis, I’m blessed to play a role in this industry that we all love so much. Please stay tuned,

I have some great galleries of images to add soon.



The J&P Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Shows held during the last few years, IMS Shows showcased hundreds of striking, hand built motorcycles. Only a fraction of them received their due so we’re taking the opportunity to show you more of them in detail at Iron Trader News, thanks to Jack McIntyre’s top notch photography. So sit back and enjoy this close-up gander at some of the industry’s best. We certainly did!

Owner: Shaun & Sheree RuddySHAWN

Builder: Shaun Ruddy

Bike Name: Chop Deluxe

Make / Model / Year: 2012 Retro Racer

Paint by John Deel

Engine 127″ Ultima El Bruto

Features: Hand machined & polished brass pieces throughout, clear ignition plate.

Photos by Jack McIntyre


IMS_4052 IMS_4053 IMS_4055 IMS_4056 IMS_4057 IMS_4058 IMS_4059 IMS_4063 IMS_4064 IMS_4065 IMS_4067 IMS_4069 IMS_4070 IMS_4071 IMS_4072 IMS_4073 IMS_4075 IMS_4077 IMS_4078 IMS_4079 IMS_4080 IMS_4085 IMS_4088 IMS_4090 IMS_4091

Ever wonder where all of the coverage and stories come from?

Maybe its just me, but when I buy a magazine or read an article on the net, I’m always digging for who did what, and that’s mainly because I probably know the character and want to see what he or she is up to. Most people have no idea where the story content came from, how long it took to gain the content, the buttons that needed to be pushed, or the hours / days needed to get that “special” picture. We (Marilyn Stemp and myself, Jack McIntyre) have spent a lifetime doing what our hearts want us to do. Does it make one wealthy, hardly, however money isn’t everything. The people we have met, the places and situations that we have been in, are priceless. We have been in areas of this country that most people will never have the opportunity to experience let alone with the people we have been there with. I personally have ridden the Black Hills with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, not just once, several times. Marilyn has interviewed the most recognized in the industry along with those who don’t carry a following, but still have every bit the story as the celebrity. It just goes on and on, year by year.

So the next time you read a post or pick up a magazine, take a look at the editor, the photographer, and wonder how much time & effort was put into grabbing that short paragraph of information. I know that Marilyn and I appreciate nothing more than to know you were interested in what we had to say.

marilyn and jack


Post & images from Jack McIntyre

I just returned home from the 2015 V-TWIN EXPO in Cincinnati. I know that there is always talk of this expo having problems finding attendees, especially with all of the new Expo’s popping up. However, I have to say for the record, the V-TWIN still has a very firm grip on the industry, its specific to the type of motorcycles that we all love without getting so overly geared towards everything. Yes, this year’s show was only on one floor, but to me, it was as good a show as ever. The vendors had some wonderful set ups, the products displayed were nothing short of amazing, and it had the charm and history of Easyriders. Below are some images just to give you an idea with more to come.


Results From Cleveland J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

The Cleveland edition of the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show shifted into gear Friday, January 30 through Sunday, February 1, 2015. The Ultimate Builder is located on the red carpet between the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers at the Progressive® International Motorcycle Show.

The hardest working motorcycle entertainer, Progressive Insurance’s Pat Jansen, started the awards ceremony on Sunday at 3PM. The first award handed out was the People’s Choice award and it went to Gary Savill of Silver Wraith Choppers.  The 2014 Wraith Digger features a plunger rear suspension, H-D EVO and artic white paint by Liquid Illusions Art. He left the Cleveland competition with a Special Ops vest from 5 Ball Racing Leathers and a Custom 500 lid from Bell Helmets.

The Show Dog Award is provided to the builder that engages with enthusiasts and works the hardest to further their business. There were many contenders but Jack Deagazio spent all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday working with the crowd. For his efforts he took home The Leatherworks Inc. solo bag.

J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Winner: FreeStyle Class

Raw Iron Choppers is a shop that believes in giving the customer what they want, at a reasonable price and with a fast turnaround. They also believe in cool custom bikes like their Raw Iron Special which features a high-compression Knucklehead, custom frame and a Kiwi Indian leaf spring front end. Jesse Srpan and his team built the bike in 5 weeks for the Discovery Channel’s Bikerlive.

  1. Jesse Srpan, Raw Iron ChoppersRaw Iron Special – 2014 Custom
  2. Wayne Burgess, – Nancy, 2006 Chopper

J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Winner: MOD Custom Class

Carl Pusser of Walkin Tall Cycles brought in two outstanding bikes. His EVO-based “All Balls, Lil Brass” took first in the MOD Custom Class. The bobber features 20% brass and outstanding paint by TJ Byard. The engine includes a custom exhaust, HI-PO cam and performance carb.

  1. Carl Pusser, Walkin Tall Cycles – All Balls, Lil Brass, 1999 H-D
  2. Tracey Fields, All N All Custom Baggers (ANAC) – Bone Collector, 2008 Street Glide

Retro MOD J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Winner

Austin Andrella of Austin Martin Originals  built his winning bike from his backyard garage. Over the past few years he has been racking up the awards for his amazing bike builds. Double D’s faced stiff competition against Jack Deagazio’s “Evil or Sacred,” Todd Muller’s ’67 T120 Bonneville and Dave Cook’s 1947 HD WL  but in the end the 1981 Yamaha XS took the point. The bobber features a retro Hot Rod color scheme applied by Steve Hennis Flame Thrower Customs, all new electronics, polished covers, AMO one-off hard tail, vintage Avon tires, stainless spokes and powder coated rims.

  1. Austin Andrella, Austin Martin Originals – Double D’s, 1981 Yamaha XS
  2. David Cook, DC MOTO – 1947 H-D WL

Three classes, FreeStyle, Retro MOD and MOD Custom, are presented at each of the J&P Cycle’s Ultimate Builder competition. The bikes are sourced from the local builder community and each show has a unique selection of custom bikes. Retro MOD bikes are motorcycles older than 1984. Anything goes with FreeStyle bikes and you are only limited by your imagination. Bikes retaining the frame cradle and OEM engine cases are slotted into the MOD Custom class.

The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows rolls into 11 cities across the nation. The nationwide motorcycle extravaganza has something for every powersports lifestyle and fan. Besides the nation’s largest custom bike show, it’s the best place to experience the latest in gear, aftermarket parts and accessories. You can see the all-new models from major manufacturers and enjoy rider seminars at the main stage and much, much more. The J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is produced by BikerPros.com.