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Newest addition to the iconic S&S® Teardrop Air Cleaner line

1Created in 1975, the S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner has long been the iconic shape of v-twin performance.  Adding to that legacy, the new Teardrop Mini is a compact version designed around our Stealth high flow air cleaner system for a simple install and, in most applications, emissions compliant as well.  A natural for the HD® Sportster® and Street®, but looks and performs great on Dyna®, Softail®, and touring models as well. Available in chrome or gloss black as a full air cleaner kit or a retrofit cover for existing Stealth air cleaners. Available direct from S&S or through your favorite distributor. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

The Classic Louvered Air Cleaner Makes Transition From Hot Rods to Motorcycles

The popular Louvered Air Cleaner has traditionally graced hot rods using Holley 94’s and Stromberg 97 carburetors, but with the new backing plates made by Lowbrow Customs, you can install and run one of these inexpensive, cool air cleaners on your Harley-Davidson with ease.

Louvered Air Cleaner kits come complete with a washable paper filter, stainless steel, allen-head hardware and mounting gasket. They are available for CV carburetors and EFI Throttle Bodies, as found on Harley-Davidson Sportsters from 1991-2015, Big Twins 1993-2006, and FXD Dyna from 2004-2015. A kit is also available for S&S Super E and G Carburetors. The USA-made backing plates are 1/4 inch thick steel, powdercoated black. This well engineered kit contains everything you need and installs in minutes. The Louvered Air Cleaner Install Video has step-by-step instructions on installing this kit on a Sportster, including a list of all tools needed.

Lowbrow Customs’ Louvered Air Cleaners are $42.95 for the entire kit and can be ordered by phone at 1-855-456-9276 or by visiting www.lowbrowcustoms.com. All of the 7,100+ motorcycle parts and accessories at Lowbrow Customs are in-stock, on the shelf and shipping out daily, world-wide.

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1An unbridled dose of modern style & technology injected into a legendary bloodline.

SOMERSET, WIS, AUG 2— When you hear Hypercharger, you think Kuryakyn®. After the hot rod-inspired intake was introduced to V-twin enthusiasts more than 25 years ago, it arguably became the industry’s best-selling aftermarket air cleaner with hundreds of thousands of units sold to-date worldwide. Now, the journey has come full circle with the official introduction of the revolutionary Hypercharger ES.


Representing the evolution of one of the industry’s most iconic products, the Hypercharger ES showcases modern updates in both style and performance. The radical new design features state-of-the-art electronic butterfly engagement, delivering precise butterfly movement compared to vacuum-operated fluttering. An integrated servo motor that connects to the coil actuates and opens the butterflies with every twist of the throttle, creating an interactive experience between rider, air cleaner and motorcycle unlike anything available.3a

4aAir delivery is maximized through an all-new Kuryakyn-designed high-flow K&N® filter element. The larger surface area combined with an internal stinger design on the filter’s end cap results in approximately 10-percent more airflow, improved CFM rating, and increased horsepower and torque versus previous Hypercharger models. Third-party dyno tuning performed on a stock Harley-Davidson® 107-cubic-inch Milwaukee-Eight® Touring model produced an 8.5-percent horsepower increase and 3 percent more torque.*

5a6aThe Hypercharger ES’ aggressively styled modular housing is constructed from high-quality A380 aluminum offered in three finish options. The modular design allows easy customization with Kuryakyn’s Classic Faceplate Kits (sold separately). These interchangeable faceplates feature a fully fluted design with laser-engraved Hypercharger ES emblem to completely alter the style in minutes.

7a Kuryakyn will have a limited amount of kits available for select Harley-Davidson Twin Cam® and Milwaukee-Eight models during the 77th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Visit Kuryakyn’s rally headquarters at the Black Hills Harley-Davidson vendor area in Rapid City, and be one of the first to run the revolutionary Hypercharger ES air cleaner.

Volume production for the Hypercharger ES is slated for early September with fitment for all ’99-’17 Twin Cam and ’17 Milwaukee-Eight models, as well as XL Sportster applications soon to follow.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/O9elQH2s8h4

For more information, visit www.kuryakyn.com/hyper.

*Dyno testing performed by Those Dyno Guys of Zimmerman, Minn.


Performance Machine JET Air Cleaner
























Everyone’s gotta breathe, right? And it doesn’t just go for riders and
wrenches, but for our engines too. So with a long list of planned
upgrades for my old Sportster towering over me, I decided to get
started with something simple and rewarding: swapping out the air
cleaner. Too easy, you say? Just easy enough, thank you. Once the
tools and parts started flying, I knew I’d have the momentum to keep

There is exactly one whole huge pile of different air cleaners you can
buy for CV-carbureted Harley-Davidsons, For me, performance is tops;
if the design lacks sufficient air filter surface area and doesn’t
help incoming air make the 90 degree bend into the throat of the carb,
it’s a pass. Also, the damn thing has to look good! For better or
worse, the right hand side of a Harley tends to get a lot of viewing
(mine does, tucked against the tank in the passing lane…) so it’s
worth considering.

After browsing around, I found a balanced option from Performance
Machine. Their new JET air cleaner has a tapered cone to smooth the
transition of air from the filter medium to the carb, and is a
handsome and well-made piece that can be mounted in two different

This flexibility gave me a bit of a dilemma. Visually, I liked
orienting the air cleaner with the taper to the rear of the bike, but
the shape interfered with my right knee thanks to my trusty mid
controls. Well, you know how we roll at ITN…I went for the pragmatic

The installation was breezy, thanks to a thorough blend of included
parts and thorough, color-printed instructions. I spin wrenches for a
living and know that time means money; while not all manuals and
instructions are perfect, any time they save you is time on the road!

The results speak for themselves, a nice hilight to the right side of
the bike. And now, I’ve got the inspiration to class up the rest of
the bike to the same high standard! Find more info at
performancemachine.com Stay tuned…