It stands to reason that everything looks good in black, so S&S brought out a limited edition serious of black Super E and Super G carbs last year to celebrate their 55th anniversary. In case you missed the boat on the initial production run, S&S is bringing them back for another round. And it’s not just a cosmetic treatment; they sport bigger venturis for more flow, but are available as a carb only. No kits! If you want something this cool, you’re the kind of guy willing to figure out the rest yourself…

Get yours before they’re gone again!110-0099

Black carb

To mark their 55th Anniversary in 2013, S&S Cycle created special, limited edition, black Super E and Super G Shorty carburetors with a distinctive black coating. In addition to cool cosmetics, these carbs had enlarged venturis for up to 7% more flow. Just a little something extra…like an amp that goes to 11. The S&S Anniversary carbs were used to set three land speed records last year, so we know they work. Proven Performance®!

The black carbs proved to be so popular that S&S has decided to continue to offer them in their product line-up. So if you didn’t get one last year, you won’t have to wait for the S&S 110th Anniversary for another chance. They are not offered as a complete kit, but as a carburetor only. That gives you complete freedom to work this carb into any custom or racing application.

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